Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear sweets*
I used to have a bestfriend. I used to be so close with my bestfriend but when she got her Ameba Gold, I felt like I lost her. We often hang out now a days and I always feel left out everytime I follow her. Now a days, I felt like I'm alone~ What should I do~? Imma fan~ :)

Dear [tC] ¢нєl ευη,
In your letter you didn't mention if your friend did anything to make you feel "this" way when she got her AG. If she was treating you the same way with or without AG, then I don't see why you two can't still be best friends.

I understand that you might feel bad seeing her with her AG items when you probably have little or none of them. But sweetie, if you and her were/are good friends, don't let insignificant things like that affect what is really important here, and that is your friendship! Her having this AG doesn't make you less of a friend to her.

On the other hand,if she is doing something to make you feel bad when she has AG, talk to her and let her know how you feel. If she is as a good friend as I am hoping she is, she'll respect your feelings and will most likely stop doing what she has been intentionally doing to make you feel bad.

:( sweets its me i feed ur pets when u left i was hacked and reported :/ i lost my account

Hello Jess☼§υη§нιηє☼!
First I want to thank you for feeding my pets <3 I am so sorry to hear you've lost your account. I can see you been going through rough times lately. What were you reported for? By being so generous to feed my pets while I was gone shows you are a good person... I just don't understand why someone felt the need to report you :(

I encourage you and all the other Picos that read this to CONTINUE being kind and respectful Ameba Pico citizens and stay away from trouble. This way people won't try to find an excuse to to report us. Also do not trust ANYONE with your Pico accounts. Never give any personal information to anyone you meet online.

Hi Sweets* ^^
How r u doing with the happy oliver campaign ? Or the photo contest ? I would LOVE to see ur entry ♥
I wish there is a Pico Perfect Fan Club XD
Thanks for the amazing blog and posts.

Hello my dear ScarIett,
Thanks for your beautiful letter. I would love to have the time to participate in the Happy Oliver Campaign. However these days I've been extremely busy taking care of my home, my children, guitar lessons, making my jewelry and hair bows for my small business and writing for two blogs.... oooffff.... I got tired already just listing some of my daily activities... LOL.

A Pico Perfect Fan Club sounds like a great idea. I have always wanted to create a Sweets* Club for kind and respectful Picos. Maybe in time when I put better order to everything I am juggling at the moment, I'll have the time to well plan a special club for all my wonderful Picos :)

"Ciel Shieru" glad I could help <3

You welcome ϟ B u b l e ϟ , I saw the picture of your parrot. She was absolutely beautiful, but can you imagine how more beautiful she is now as an angel parrot :) Smile <3

You welcome ☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆ !

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