Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear Sweets*,
I showed my friend an antique necklace and she begged to wear it for the rest of the day. I finally gave it to her and forgot to take it back so I waited until the next day when I would see her again. On the next day, I asked for the necklace back but she said she doesn't have it. Watch should I do?

Oh my dear Kuri ≧◡≦,
I am afraid your friend is not a very responsible person and that your necklace might be gone. My only advice for you to do is to give your "friend" a week or so to look for your necklace and return it to you. But if for some reason she doesn't find it, even though some things can never be replaced, for example an antique necklace, she might just have to pay you back with money.

This probably won't resolve the matter in a very satisfactory way since you have lost something that was very valuable to you and she showed so little responsibility for your kind gesture of letting her wear it. But at this point that is the least she can do. She needs to be taught a lesson that when she borrows something from someone, she has to be extra careful and responsible  and the only way I see her learning this is by replacing your valuable necklace with another one as valuable as the one she lost.

I suggest you be more careful from now on on who you lend your things to, especially the special and valuable ones. Not everyone feels they have to be responsible with borrowed items that get lost or damaging while they are in their possession, to them it's not a big deal. I truly hope your friend finds your necklace and returns it to you <3

I did some thimg to my best frainds sis and she got all mad i i felt really bad i said sorry and the hate me now.

Dear ☆Emma Taco☆,

Although I don't know what you did wrong, I am certain is that you are really sorry and you must had learned your lesson by this mistake. Just make sure you don't make the mistake again in the future. Trust me when I tell you that they really don't hate you even if they act like it.... hate is a very strong word. But you have to understand that they feel angry with you because they probably feel hurt.

Apologizing to them was the right thing to do. Now all you can do is give them time and space for them to heal. Maybe in no time you all will be good friends again but if this doesn't happened, you have to accept and respect if they decide not to. Still you can use all this as a lesson you learned and that is not to do things that might hurt others. Now you know that this type of behavior may cause you to lose good friends.... Love you <3

Dear Sweets*,
I lost most of my friends this year :(. It's because I dont talk to them, or I ignore them. I don't know what to do! :( How can I get them back?

Hello P s y c h e ♥,
Sorry to hear this. The good thing is that you recognized the cause and are taking full responsibility for it. That is a good start :) Now the next step for you to take is to apologize to each one of them and asked them to give you another chance. Hey...everyone deserves a second chance in life!!!

Be prepared though that some of your former friends might had moved on and won't be interested in renewing a friendship with you again. That is their right and you'll have to respect that. But for the ones that believe like I do in giving second chances, show them how grateful you are for being your friends "again" by treating them with more respect. Don't make the same mistakes with them or any new friendships you'll get in the future <333

Dear Sweets*,

I am your fan and love reading your blog. But where is Romeo?
He have not been writing for a long time.
Thank you sweets* for being an angel for the picos who needs help.

Hello again I love Sweets*,
My dear friend Romeo has been very busy with school and real life :)

I too missed his amazing articles but we must understand that his real life requires a lot of him and that should be his priority. I just saw him a few days ago and I was very happy to see that he is doing so well. Romeo has a very special place in my heart and I wish him the very best in life <3

Know that Romeo and all the other Pico Perfect writers have full access to the blog and are always welcome to write again any time they want. :)))

Thanks for replying : ) my first friend on pico is the one who invited me to join..about 2 months ago..she was with 3 of her closest friends in the pico parks she said she was leavign in a little but i can still join her friends
I did..but only to be rudly insulted and ditched by 2 of them 1 stayed and talked to me but he said he didnt notice anything when i asked him whats with friend has a good heart...but to her those friends can do no wrong ;( what do i do sweets..

Dear NOMsicles,
I got to tell you this but I went through exactly the same thing you did with one of my former best friends. It is really hurtful when you are not believed by your best friend when you tell him/her how you have been treated by some of his/her other friends. It almost feels like you have to prove to them that what you are saying is true... as if you need to defend yourself.

But what I learned from that experience, and I'll share it with you now in hopes that it might help you, is that your friend does indeed have a good heart and they will always take in consideration how their relationship is with each friend. I think that since they have a good friendship with these people, they assumed it is the same for everyone else. So when they hear that someone or something bad happened, it is hard for them to believe it.

Sweetie, our friends' minds are set up of how they view each person and no matter what you tell them, they are the only ones that'll decide who they want to believe and there is nothing... and believe me... nothing you can do to change their minds. The more you'll try, the more hurt you will feel.

I suggest that you keep your friendship with your good friend separated from these other friends. When you and your friend are together try to avoid any subject that has to do with them. <3

Hi Sweets!
I always go to your room with hope that i would see you, but i never did. Nevertheless, i always bring my torquiose. It seems to enjoy the presence of your pet Picolly. Hope to see you someday ^_^ I always visit your blog. God bless!

My dearest にゃんーちゃん,
I am sorry we haven't bumped into each other yet. It would be a real honor to meet you some day soon. I wasn't visiting Pico that much but I am starting to go everyday now. Sometimes I just stay in my room gathering my mail and rarely go out for props. I hope I'll have more time to stay longer in the future and mingle again with my Picos once again.

Take care and don't forget to smile.... SuPeR LoVe YoU <333

OMG! U U U REPLIED ME..okay my prob is: No1 likes me in pico..they call me pig )':

Hi ๖ۣۜ♥|ανєи∂єя๖,
I try to answer as many letters as I can on a daily basis. At this point I am getting around 20 Pico letters everyday. Many are Picos that ask for my help but keeping it just between us, so they receive my advice in a private letter instead of my blog.

Now coming to your problem.... some Picos can be very mean and they'll call us names. I've been called pig too so many times. But what I do is I ignore these people. Sweetie, name calling is very common everywhere. You must learn not to listen to them because there are only words that have no truth to them. When these people call you names... keep thinking to yourself, "I am very special because God created me!". Now these beautiful words are the ones that are true, real and the ones you should listen to <3

Awwww, thank you my dearest ϟF r a n c eϟ <333

I hope u will keep advice people <3 u make me feel better and not only me will feel like that everyone will feel better with ur advice <3 i love u sweet mom<3 "Ciel Shieru"

Thank you so much my dear Ciel Shieru, If I can help at least one person a day in a big or small way, my day wasn't lived in vain <333

A Letter Of A Different Kind: Not all the letters or messages I receive everyday are of a positive content.

LOL Lissy25,

I am truly sorry to hear that your Pico husband has divorced you. But sweetie, I think you are aiming your anger towards the wrong person and place. What did my poor house and I ever do to your marriage to destroy it? But I am not mad at you for calling me "bych" :(  I know you are just letting your anger out because you feel hurt which I totally understand. If you ever need someone to talk to I am always waiting with an open heart <333

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