Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear sweets,
Me and my frnd is crying because there's a pico guy named --------- he said indians suck then said so much bad words that we never heard. Then he searched for my ip and lettered my friend that i found her ip lets see what she can do now..WHAT WILL I DO? O:

My dear ๖ۣۜ♥|ανєи∂єя๖,
One thing that makes me the most upset in life is when someone insults another nationality. These kind of people are only giving their own nationality a bad name. All nationalities are beautiful and the only thing that sucks here is him with his ignorance and disrespect toward others. Not only is he ignorant and immature, but also NOT well mannered in the way he speaks since he is using foul language.

I suggest that you and your friend report him immediately, but while Ameba Pico takes the proper steps to remove him from the game, I suggest you and your friend to ignore him and do not give in into his aggresions.

Dear sweets,
I love you so much you helped me..But they still say I am poor and i have no gold >< is having gold that  much needed? I admire you u're great ^^ <3 With love, Lav

Hi again ๖ۣۜ♥|ανєи∂єя๖,
Sweetie don't worry if people say you are poor. They are basing this in materialistic things that don't matter at all. What counts in life is that we should be rich in our hearts. I rather be rich in love than in money. Money will never buy true happiness but a good heart will always be rich in love.

Not having Ameba Gold in Pico shouldn't matter. Unfortunately many people become so frivolous in thinking that being "Pico Rich" will make them better than others. Trust me, it doesn't! Some of us are able to have Ameba Gold but that does not necessarily make us better or happier than the ones that don't. I'd rather be known as a good person than a "rich" one <333

I have this best friend and shes really sweet. But wenever i follow her shes with her twinny laughing and palying. Im scared im going to loose her because they know each other in real life.i dont want to loose her shes too sweet but im afraid i will... wat ahould i do?

Dear ♡Aωlly♡Cωutie♡,
Please don't worry too much. For what you tell me I can tell your friend is a really nice person. I bet she appreciates your friendship with her as much as she appreciate her friendship with her other friend. Her being a good friend with the other girl doesn't take anything away from the beautiful friendship you two share. You are as special to her as her other friend is. They probably have other things they share in common as you two might have too. That doesn't mean their friendship is more special. You are as special to her as she is to you. Don't lose time worrying instead focus in having fun with your friend <333

Hi Sweets*

I never have a better life. I wish someone make me feel happy. I remembered last day that I play with you. I missed play with you Sweets* everday my life is unhappy. I don't know my little brother always broke my thing that I have , my friends lied to me:(

Dear Peanut♡.,
OMG baby, you are in a very down attitude. Sweetie you really need to cheer up and be thankful for all the blessings that are all around you. Your life is just starting; you have to see it in a positive way and not focus so much on bad things that happened or you'll never be happy. Instead of feeling sad when something goes wrong, try to be strong and do better. Look at the birds outside, they have to worry everyday about finding food and water to survive and yet they NEVER stop singing for us.

Baby, you need to make yourself happy because your family loves you and their love should make you happy, but until you see life in a good, beautiful and positive way, there won't be anyone that can make you happy even if they tried until you change the way you feel about life.

Broken toys by your brother and lies from your friends are part of life. Don't worry about these things and don't let them bring you down. Wake up every morning with a smile and say to yourself, "This is a beautiful day, I am loved by my family and God and I am thankful and happy!".

Sweets i have a copy cat! she wont leave me alone her username is --------- and she acts like she knows everything about me she keeps frending me saying '' I KNOW U!'' And she dosent i never even met here before help! she even copyed my look once!

If you only knew how many times I've been victim of the Copy Cat crime. It is a really big problem in Pico and it seems it'll stay here with us for the time being. These people seem not to be happy with themselves and they feel the need to take over someone else's identity. If they only were brave enough to be themselves instead of pretending to be someone else, by copying someone else they become NOTHING since in the process they start losing who they are. Everyone is special and we should be proud of who we are. I suggest you report this copy cat. You'll be doing all of us a favor ;)

Dear rwrsam, the honor was all mine. Don't worry, I am very shy too ;)  Next time we meet, let's try not to be so shy and maybe we can get to talk and have a good time, please take care and don't forget to smile <333

Hello мιѕтιι αмιтιé, it always fills me with great joy to know that I may have touched someone's life in a small way. Believe me when I say that you are all beautiful and wonderful Picos are my greatest inspiration in my journey in helping others. Thank you for all your love and support <333

Hello my dearest ♪мιкυ вєℓℓυ♪, Of course I remember you. How can I ever forget a kind and sweet girl like you? You were the ONLY one that felt bad for me that day when I was crying because I didn't have skates and you came to me and offered me yours. I know it in my heart that if you could had given me your skates for real, you would have. God bless your heart <333

Thank you sooooooooo much my beautiful Beautiful ^_^*. I hope you are doing better and that you found great friends. Don't forget I SuPeR LoVe YoU <333

Awww thank you my dear ¢нσ¢σ~❀♡๔เคz™. I hope I have the honor to also meet you soon. And yes... when we do let's talk, why not! :)

I am very happy to hear that  my dear ♥тσяι♥кιѕѕєѕ♥, we should ALL do things to bring out the best in other people... that should fill our lives with joy <333

Yes ஐRinny × Rin ™ , I was sad at first for losing my baby Oreo, but now I am starting to smile because I realized what a beautiful blessing he was in my life and I feel very grateful for the time I had him with me <333

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