Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear sweets*
I had a friend who became very mean and very passsive aggressive. ecspecially towards me. Last year I avoided her because I would start to cry when I saw her. We're heading into a new school year and I don't know what to do?

Dear Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє,
I am hoping that this new school year, your friend will have become more mature and she'll start behaving in a more civilized matter towards you and others. If this is not the case, I suggest that on the first problem you have with her to put a stop to it before she starts with her passive aggressive behavior. Let her know how you feel and make it clear that her behavior will NOT be acceptable.

If she continues, I advise you to go to your school counselor and ask them for help. School should be a place to get an education in preparing for the future, and not a place where you get bullied by kids that have nothing better to do then make it hard on those that are there to learn.

Dear Sweets* 
I Have A Besfriend, Its Gonna Be Her Birthday Tomorrow. i Bought Her All What She Wants As Long As I Can Neko Ears&more But She Was Requuesting For A Pet For Her Birthday Its Just Im So Sad & It Hurts So Much Cause When It My B-day She Didnt Give Me Anything, Now i Cant Buy Her A Pet Cause I Dun have Much Money Yet And I Know Deep Inside She's Angry At Me Even She's Saying She's Not. What Will I Do? I Wanna Cry But cant I Have To Be Strong. Sorry If I Waste Your Time Telling My Problems :(

Dear Rη-ƒяσsтƴ★カワイ♕,

Sweetie, if this is important to you, believe me, you are NOT wasting my time <3

Please don't worry if you can't get your friend everything she wants for her birthday. One gift should be more than enough for her. But I honestly believe that if you were not able to give her not even ONE gift, that shouldn't matter. The best gift you can give and receive to/from a friend should be your love. Nothing materialistic in this world could ever replace that. If your friend says she is not mad, you should believe her. Getting mad with you for not getting what she wants wouldn't be very nice from her part since she has to understand that we cann't always expect others to give us everything we want, especially a best friend.

I remember once I gave one of my Second Life friends some hair she had wanted for a while, but she couldn't afford it, so she said to me that as soon as she had L$ she would buy me a very special gift, to this my response to her was....

"I appreciated, but the best gift you can give me is your friendship, that is what puts a smile in my heart everyday".

Dear Sweets
I Opened My Newbie Pico That Doesnt Have Ag And Went To A Hot Or Not Party The Owner Is Rich And Fabulous When Its My Turned She Kicked My Newbie Acc Cause ts Not Then I Opened My Real And Went To The Hot Or Not They Let Me In And I Just Realized How Bad Other Rich Pico Was How Can We Help Them To Change?

Hi again Rη-ƒяσsтƴ★カワイ♕,

Sadly I have noticed there are so many Picos that think Ameba Gold makes them better than the rest of the other non-AG Picos. If they only realized that what makes all of us better is not the things we surround ourselves with, but what we carry inside our hearts.... that is what really makes anyone FABULOUS!

These people will never be completely happy and satisfied in life, since it seems that all they care about is how much other people have before even giving themselves the chance to get to know them better. They may never know that the "poor" person they just rejected could had been an angel sent by God to make their lives very special.

I wish we could find a way to help all these Picos realize that Ameba Gold is not important in a game that was created to make friends. However, I don't think there is anything we can do. It's really more THEIR problem then ours and until they realize how wrong they are, they'll be constantly missing the opportunity in making wonderful friends. My only suggestion is that you ALL avoid going to these kind of events where you'll be judge by how much AG you have or how "HOT" good you look.

Sweets , i got a message from my friend saying that my bff hurt her lil sis , but she did nothing so I sent a message however , this was what she said in the message,

"Im not playing anymore and no and im not abusing everyone like u plus u think ur the best cause ur rich and u just be with poular people". She bosses us around when shes with us so i affened myself but she told me this

Dear ஐRinny × Rin ™,
I read the chat you had with your former friend, which was very long and I got to say, I was very surprised and saddened by the harsh things and bad language that I read in it. I don't understand how very young kids can even bring themselves to say the very hurtful thing that comes from their mouths.

Sometimes out of anger, we tend to say things not realizing how hurtful they can be. Later we regret them, but the harm is already done. When we are angry, it is better to cool off before trying to resolve any problems we might be having with someone. Confronting someone while we are still angry won't resolve anything and will only make the problem bigger. We need time to step away and calm ourselves down in order to be able to have a civilized talk.

I suggest you two stay away from each other and avoid any contact that will result in another fight. Let not anger bring out the worst in us.... it makes us look very ugly :P

You are such an considerate person, sweets! you have the heart to help every pico with their problems, and what not, personally, (i hate to say it) i would not have the patience to do it. :O; you are truly the kindest person i know. p.s. wizards rule. ϟ

Hi potterhead.,
Thank you so much for you beautiful letter. Not long ago I was going through a very sad time, and felt the need to find a way to turn my misfortune into something positive. I soon realized that trying to help others in some way made my sadness less. As I always say, "Don't let bad things in your life turn you into a victim, but use them as strength to do better" That is exactly what I am trying to do now.

If we all try to help at least one other person each day, even if it's just with a kind word, this world could be a much better place <333

Oh my sweet and sad ♪мιкυ вєℓℓυ♪,
The only way you are going to know for sure if she is mad is if you ask her. Please let her know your concerns and talk them out. I bet everything will be resolved in no time with a little communication from the both of you. <333

LOL ℓєxιღ¢нσ¢σℓαтє,
Thank you sooo much for being so SWEET... and it would be an honor to meet you too :)

Dear ☆Pєαcє☆яι¢є,
I only wish every Pico would  think like you, imagine how better our Ameba Pico world would be! :)

My dear Asian Pico,
Thank you so much for the delicious apples...they were yummy!!!
I am glad I can help in some way whenever possible. Take care, and don't forget to smile <333

God bless you too †eαя∂яσP,
Two of the things I appreciate very much in this life is receiving blessings, and love from my beautiful Picos.
These two things always brighten my day....SuPeR LoVe YoU <333

Dear уυι-¢нαη,
I would love to meet with you sometime soon. Thank you for following both my Pico Perfect Blog and SL: Lori Novo Blog. Thanks to all of you, my Second Life blog is getting over 100 views per day now. It is of a more mature content and it's mostly about what is going on in my Second Life.

I do have a concern though, I strongly DO NOT recommended Second Life for minors. Second Life is intended for adults only. So my dear Picos, if you are a minor.... PLEASE..... PLEASE wait until you are of age before visiting Second Life. Don't rush in life, be a child while you can <333

Ahhh Hayley......
Thank you so much sweetie for your support, I super love you XOXOXO

 ρυяρLє εïз I did :P
You have no idea how sad I feel not to be able to accept every Buddy Request I get. I wish we were allowed to have as many buddies as we wanted, but we are limited only to 100. By now I would probably have over 1000. Maybe Ameba Pico will do something about that too.



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  2. I do apologize for disappearance. I'm dealing with a little writers block. I will return again. <3