Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear Sweets*, 
one of my old friends is blaming me for signing up for car insurance for her in my name. I told her that I didn't do it but she won't believe me. She told me she's been getting phone calls and mail asking for me. What do I do?  

Dear Stevie ☆彡,
This a very serious accusation from you friend that requires your immediate attention. I suggest that you go to to the car insurance office and straighten up this misunderstanding with them before you find yourself caught in any legal matters. This is the only way I can see this problem getting resolved with your friend :)

I have a quiestion. How will you know if you're in love? :3

My dear▼ღNaomi Booღ▼ ,
What a beautiful question you have for me!!!  I am no expert on love but I will tell you how I personally know when I am in love... When I am in love I can't stop smiling and every time I think of him, I giggle. I keep playing in my head over and over again the beautiful way he talks to me and my heart smiles. If I am asleep, I am dreaming about him and when I wake up, I am still dreaming about him. When I am near him I get butterflies in my heart and my tummy and my heart goes crazy every time he says my name. He makes me laugh like no one else can and I could spend the whole day by his side without the need to say a word as long as he is near me. And every love song reminds me of him and the sun seems to shine brighter like it never did before :))))

Dear Sweets*,
My best friend that I've known for about 4 years is making up rumors about me on Pico. Now people are startin to hate me! The thing is I haven't talk to her on Pico in about 1-2 months! What should I do?

Dear Gαв ℓαяαмιє,
Just ignore her Gab, people that like to spread rumors about friends or former friends should be ashamed of themselves. A honorable person would respect the friendship even if this was already over and not go spreading poison around about someone they once cared for. They don't measure the consequences of how serious these could be. People can get seriously hurt. With time this girl will either get tired and move on to making someone else miserable, which is very sad, or hopefully she'll grow up and realize that what she is doing is not right and she'll stop.

Dear Sweets*,
is it normal for ppl o change thir looks? lol. hts cuz i never changed mylook...

Hi again! :P
I have noticed that most Picos not only keep changing their names but their looks aswell. I don't think is normal-or-not normal to do so. Its like they say... to each its own.... whatever makes you happy its OK. I personally don't like changing my face. I do change my hair and hair color often but never the my face. I did changed my skin color several times for my friend Catero and on another occasion I changed my mouth for a Christmas article, but that was just for a few minutes. My face is exactly the same since day one and I intend to keep it that way.

Hi Sweets, 
I had a friend on Facebook and we were playing Pico. On Pico she deleted me for laughing at her, because she accidentally moved the block and got stuck. What should I do?

Hi ♪мιкυ вєℓℓυ♪,
Your friend obviously doesn't have a good sense of humor. Deleting you JUST for laughing at something that I too find funny was very harsh. We shouldn't take little things like that so seriously. As long as we are not calling someone names or laughing when something really serious happens, we are OK. But for some reason she got mad and you might want to still apologize for making her feel bad. Explain to her you meant no harm and that you were laughing at the situation but not necessarily at her. Hopefully she will understand and things can get back to normal.

Dear sweets*, 
I have a best friend, she used to be nice, and understanding. now , she likes to wish me bad luck, and force me to change something, like changing my lunch or changing my idol. pls help me!

Dear ♥♪♬נιℓℓιαη♬♪♥™,
I am a strong believer that whatever we wish for another person will be returned to us three times. So if you are wishing someone else misfortune, misfortune will come to you multiplied by three. Isn't it better to wish everyone only good things.
Sweetie she can not make you change who you are and what you like. That is what makes you, YOU! If she is a good friend, she'll respect your choices and not try to change them. Next time you see her , talk to her. Let her know how you feel and ask her to accept you for who you are just like you accept her the way she is.

Dear sweets*,
I try to buddy people but they don't accept. Even if i know them. Sweets* i know u and i remeber talking with you. I've tried finding you and talking with you. Please buddy me. I've met you. I need to somehow talk with you!

Hi Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє,
I been so busy with everything that is going on in my life. Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit Pico or Second Life as much as I would like to. The best way you can communicate with me for now is by letters since I visit Pico everyday just for a few minutes to check my mail.

Many times people have their buddy lists full and that is the main reason your request won't be accepted. However, if that is not the case, you might want to ask the people that reject your request their reason for not accepting. Sometimes without realizing it, we do things that might hurt people and you never know... maybe there might be some straighten up to do before they consider your request. Other times people might not feel they have anything in common with the person and they choose not to accept. This is not a bad thing, it is their right and we must respect their decision :)

Dear Sweets*, 
On this Account just because i am Original everyone calls me Ugly, Hidious and Weird... and on my Other account (with no AG) Named aaleahya eveeyone calls me an ugly noob... What should i do..? :)

Dear †eαя∂яσP,
I know it is hard when we are being called names all the time. I have been called all sorts of ugly names too and I know how bad it can get. You have the power to either give any importance to what they are saying or just ignore it.  You are the creator of who you are and no one else has the power to decide for you. Name calling doesn't define you, they are merely senseless word by ignorant unhappy people. Be proud of who you are and ignore these people that are obviously living an unhappy life.

Yay..thank ya sweets*.
You r the sweetest pico..I love you so much u made me feel better...I hope you will keep helping me ^^ God bless you..Stay happy With love..lav

Yay ๖ۣۜ♥|ανєи∂єя๖ ,
I am so glad I could help. My doors are always open if you ever need help again. God bless you and your family my dear girl <333

How do you get ameba gold? Please TELL MEEEEE! ?!?! :( x

Hi ♥ мεg ♥,
There are two ways you can get Ameba Gold that I know.
First one is by buying it, but if you are a minor you must have one of your parents buy it for you. This is the method I always use... its fast and convenient.

The second way is by earning Ameba Gold by completing surveys from the Survey List that can be found at the top-right corner of your Pico Screen under "Earn AmebaGold" tab. You MUST be an adult todo this. If you are a minor please asked one of your parents to do it for you. I personally don't like filling surveys since some require alot of personal information and especially time.

You must never and I mean never accept to but Ameba Gold from a third party. It is illegal and your account will be banned once you get caught. And please do not belive those people with events that offer free AG if you ring them. They are lying to you so save your rings.

Dear Sweets*,
You are the most kind hearted person i have ever met.

Hello dear Hayley......,
Thank you so much for your beautiful words, they truly fill my heart with joy <333

Sweets your cute and the blog is cool I read ur blog sinse 1st of June.

Thank you so much my dear ρєα¢є◐3◐ℓσνє . My Pico Perfect team of writers and I really appreciate your support. Please keep reading.... SuPeR LoVe YoU <3

Dear ♥MaLen♥,

Ask your friend to return you items or else you'll be forced to take more serious steps as to ask your mom to go collect them from her. Taking items that don't belong to her is a very serious thing to do since it will bring her serious consequences in the long run if she keeps doing it. Stealing is a crime and people can end up in prison if they don't stop.

Give your friend a week or so to return your items on her own. Your friend needs to learn to respect other people's property and she definitely owes you an apology.

Dear ¢нσ¢σ~❀♡๔เคz™, I never consider wasting my time when I read any of my Picos' letters. I know they come from your hearts and that makes them very special to me. I hope to meet you soon too. I am doing wonderful thanks to all the love that you all show me everyday <333

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