Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hey sweets,
I wanted to ask you don't you ever feel bad for people? like i felt bad for little wooper she fills my heart with joy when shes happy. when shes not i feel like crying shes such a joy.

Yes my dear <3 MR.RABBIT♡,
Many times I hurt too with other people's misfortunes. I am very emotional and if I see that someone is hurting, sick or going through a hard time, I cry. Many times I wish I could do something to help them to ease their pain. Sometimes I am able to but the times I can't I say a little prayer for them ;)

You have a beautiful heart, "wooper" is very lucky to have such a sweet and caring friend in you. Don't ever change <333


Dear Sweets* ,
My Best Friend and my Sister are in a fight and I try to get them in the same room together to work it out but they just end up fighting more and end up hating me..., Sweets* what should i do ! ? I don't wanna lose my sister or my friend...

Dear ramona chan,
Don't worry about losing either one of them. The relation you have with both of them has nothing to do with you. It is a problem between them and it shouldn't affect your bond with each one of them. Just stay neutral and try not to take sides.

Getting them to talk to each other to resolve the problem is the best thing you can do. However if you have tried and they still seem to argue, there is nothing more you can do. They might need time and space to reflect and and I bet that in no time they'll be ready to talk things out. In the meantime just keep being a good friend to your friend and a good sister to your sister <3

Hello Coffee Toffee,
I have started already to go to Pico everyday and stay a little bit longer. When I go I usually attend a few room events and then I'll take one of my pets out for fresh air to one of the community parks. Hope to bump into you one of these days :)

Dear sweet mom.
My friend Y*** changed when she became an ag person now she keep cailling people a noob :( I feel so sad I wan her to change i hope u could helpp me my dear sweets*

Dear "Ciel Shieru",
How sad to hear that AmebaGold has changed your good friend. I don't understand why some people think that having AG makes them better than the rest. What makes us better is how we are and how we treat other people and not what we have. She must also not forget that we were all "noobs" at one time. We all deserve to be respected and be treated kindly. Would your friend like it if someone that has more AG than her would treat her bad.... I bet not.

It would be wonderful if all AG users would treat everyone equally with respect and acceptance, it is really very easy thing to do!

Glad to see you write on your own blog again. Will Caramel write another article? I like her post too.

Hello Bluecurrant,
I am very happy too! Writing is one of my biggest passions and what better way then to write for my beautiful Picos that I love so much.  C a r a m e l ❤'s   The Definition of Rich  article was great and it has gotten alot of views everyday. I have sent her a letter letting her know she is welcome to post whenever she wants. <3

Hi ⓢunflower,
Thank you for your letter, I visit Pico everyday and sometimes I stay half an hour or a bit longer. I am starting to visit the community parks, who knows, maybe we'll see each other one of these days.

If  for some reason you happen to see me, talk to me and I don't respond, I may be busy writing so please don't think I am ignoring you. I suggest you send me a letter so I can come back to Pico and check to who is calling me :)

Thank you my dear †eαя∂яσP,
Believe me, it means more to me that you are happy and any of your problems can be solved with a little of my help <333

Dear Sweets*,
It's me again. I've got a problem. I'm sometimes mean and sometimes nice. How can I stop being mean? D:

Oh my dear ☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆,
I am very proud of you for being so brave in accepting that you got a problem in how you treat others. Most people would probably be blaming the other people. However you have taken that first big step in the right direction by admitting you need help for your behavior.

My advice to you is the following.... when you find yourself in a situation, any situation that involves someone else, before you say something or do something take a few seconds to think. Think to yourself if what you are about to say or do to the other person would you like being done to you. Or better yet WWJD, meaning "What would Jesus do?"
There are ALWAYS to choices in life to make, the good ones and the bad ones, deciding which one to choose is very simple, they both require the same effort in choosing, but the consequences for each one are like heaven or hell..... you decide! ;)

Hi Chihiro♡,
I checked out the website you sent me, but couldn't really get in since its in another language. It seems like a fun game though :) Thanks!

pico) got mad at me because i i saw her and her bf having a date. i didnt even know they got a date in her room. coz everytime i on in pico, i go to her room and leave some foods and rings. now wat if she will abandon me?

Dear love_sister,
How sweet of you, I am very touched by your message. I hope I get to see you soon too :)))

I don't see anything wrong with what you did when you saw your friend with her date. On the contrary you were ringing her and leaving her food. You were doing a kind and good thing for your dear friend and she has to understand this and be grateful. If she didn't want anyone walking in on her while she was on her date, she should have closed her room after her Pico bf got there. It is not your fault and this shouldn't be a reason for her to end a friendship. Hopefully she is smart enough to recognize what a good friend you are and to lock her room next time she needs privacy.

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