Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Is Almost Here

                            "You should know there is a time of year, 
                                When the witches and ghost appear.
                                             They come at night
                                      When there is no more light
                                       Halloween is almost here!"

These are some of the lyrics to a Halloween song I would sing to my kids when they were younger. What an exciting night that is for all sweets-lovers. I don't mean sweets as in me.... but as in candy you silly willies. Today when I logged in and noticed that the Halloween Park had opened I couldn't wait to go check it out. I chose Mr. Tickles for this visit, but I guess no pets are allowed. Sorry Mr. Tickles :(((

                       Yay, a friendly ghost! Could this be Casper?

                                                Are you mad? :(

Hey "Ciel Shieru" and Megsy Átomos,come and help me carve some jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

     Mi Cielo always showing me her love, thank you sweetie, love you too <3

farashaa you are absolutely adorable. To bad you only speak wavy language. I didn't understand a single word you said :P

          As you can see, ❤Choco❤๑Ṥắɱắ๑ is ready to go trick-o-treating.

Make sure you visit this cool Halloween Park. You will find many great Halloween items available at the shops and gacha machines to help you make your Halloween day spooktacular!

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