Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eavesdrop Big Time

It was a great day to go to the park today!
I bumped into a beautiful Pico.
Actually all of my Picos are beautiful, but this particular one was proud to announce it to the world :)))

(17:07) Masterbater: I'm so beautiful
(17:08) нαуℓєє: Yes, very much.
 (17:09) Masterbater: I'm beautiful.
(17:09) Sweets*: lol
(17:09) Sweets*: that is so cute
(17:09) Sweets*: :P 

an old friend of mine, was also there...

(17:06) нαуℓєє: Miss Sweets *O*
(17:06) Sweets*: hiii :)))
(17:06) нαуℓєє: I love youur blog~
(17:06) нαуℓєє: It's so amazing *O*
(17:07) Sweets*: awww tyyyyy :)

I did notice that

$KaQ-۩-ɯoןןɐ $ 

was very still and quiet standing all alone and holding a letter.
She seemed a bit worried.
I hope there wasn't any bad news :(

 Right across the park from little $KaQ-۩-ɯoןןɐ $

Le Derpina and Agalmatophilia were having an interesting conversation. 

(18:20) Agalmatophilia: i miss school work
(18:20) Agalmatophilia: ;-;
(18:20) Agalmatophilia: i might reget saying taht...
(18:20) Agalmatophilia: e.e
(18:20) Le Derpina: saying what?
(18:21) Agalmatophilia: i miss school work 
(18:21) Agalmatophilia: XD 
(18:21) Le Derpina: lull 
(18:21) Le Derpina: u crazyyy 
(18:21) Agalmatophilia: xDD 

were just so thrilled to be in love <3

(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: im just so in love i cant help it :)
(18:38) LeXibunnie;): X . X
(18:38) LeXibunnie;): wit who :D
(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: my bf of course haha his name luis
(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: hes so amazing
(18:38) LeXibunnie;): lol
(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: :)

(18:41) ♪ Mekio♪: boyfreind needed
While others were looking for love in all the wrong places.
The poor thing sat on that park bench hoping some volunteer would show up.
She kept repeating the same phrase over and over again.
But I never saw a single soul answer to her call for love.
♪ Mekio♪,
try wearing some clothes next time since going in your under clothes just didn't work for you :(

Til next time my dear Picos, Keep reaching for the stars <3333

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