Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood's World

You can visit Red Riding Hood's grandma at the new park that opened today, 
the "Little Red Riding Hood Park" 

See this awesome tree stump?
I really really do!
But unfortunately it's a "rare item" in one of the Gachas.
You can also win Red Riding Hood's costume, the hunter's costume, grandma's dress, which by the way was what I won on my first and ONLY try, how cool is that?
last but not least
the EVIL WOLF costume
which you will only get once you have collected ALL Gacha's other items.
Ameba Pico, what is up with that? >:(
Do you think money grows on trees?
Well, do you?
MMMMM??? >:(

While my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting Daysember ♫ .
A BIG shout-out to her.... YAY!

Daysember ♫: woaa
Daysember ♫: sweets
 Sweets*: hi :))
Daysember ♫: i read ur blog
Daysember ♫: ^^
Sweets*: tyyyy :))
Daysember ♫: hehe
Sweets*: do u like it ?
Daysember ♫: sure
Daysember ♫: xD
Daysember ♫: since 2010
Daysember ♫: i think
Sweets*: lol
Sweets*: omg tyyy
Daysember ♫: smile
Sweets*: :)
Sweets*: did u try the Gacha?
Daysember ♫: no
Sweets*: I said I'll give it just one try
Daysember ♫: and than?
Sweets*: and got this dress
Daysember ♫: waaa
Daysember ♫: 1 time ?
Sweets*:  yes on my first try, I am surprised
Sweets*: LOL
Daysember ♫: lol
Daysember ♫: so lucky
Sweets*: its my lucky day :)))
Daysember ♫: haha

Now hush my Picos,
keep it down. I am going to sleep now.
And since I won the grandma's dress I guess that entitles me to use her bed.
so just please keep an eye for the evil wolf while I sleep.

Sweet Dreams <3

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