Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet's ♥ Precious Moments

Is anybody home!!!
Where is everyone??? :O

I could hear the crickets when I walked into the Pico Perfect office. The silence was sooo sad.
Where have all my wonderful writers gone?
There was dust everywhere and spider-webs on the wall.
That is a sign that my poor baby Pico Perfect Blog needs some love,
some attention,
desperate need of attending to.

That is why I went into "RESCUE PICO PERFECT' mode immediately!
YES SIRie!!!

As you all know I have another blog
SL: Lori Novo Blog
and even though it has had great success
it will never
and I mean
compare to this one.

Here I feel at home and you are all my family.
Here I really feel the love.
That kind of love that tickles your heart 
You know what I am talking about ;)

So I am back to get my heart tickle every day!

Love you
Love you


☺Ƀʊɧʙʋɳ ☻  and Lυке II 

pakingassholee and t u t c h i 
 ʟоvє u zïє ヅ  and ʟоvє u кїє ヅ 



[GunZ] VamPire and ïв ☼ снσсσ

►╬◄ Iмσк ►╬◄  and ♥ ๑ƤᾋƝƓἝҬ๑.♥ 

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