Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet's ♥ Precious Moments


I guess by now you are wondering ... "Mmm, is Sweets* really back?"
Guess what?
Come on guess!


I am really back.
Pico Perfect Blog is my baby
and you all are my beautiful Picos that I love so much and honestly I can say that all this time I spent away there was a BIG emptiness in my heart 
I decided to start a "Precious Moment" photo album with all the pictures I will come to take everyday. 
Pictures of you!
This blog is about and for you since you all are my stars.
I will be visiting every corner in Pico in search of 
great ~ funny ~ sweet ~ scary ~ pretty

So if you see me out there don't be shy, continue with whatever it is that you are doing for I might catch you in a "Precious Moment" and appear in my post of the day.

See You later my alligator,
love you,
love you,
love you all ♥


Chαchαmαru ♫ 

Makonneη ™ and ANTABUR 

мaкrosz and Da Granny

Haito☆ & Nino-chanニノ & Vamp.プリンスKaito 

umahboi™ & •вåD¢åπ™๑Ṥắɱắ๑ &  •ZHENKI•™

[VE]* K y L e~  & {Ü¢] ๑ʍʏӄǟ๑ 

Sweets* and ╚ⓚⓚ╝ louie m0h 

OH my,
a rose for me?
Thank You 

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