Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Exploring Pico: Answers


What a great day this is. I am writing to you from a very peaceful place where I came to rest for a few days under the warm sun, listening to the sound of the waves. Actually, Shakira has accompanied me on this trip and I have been playing her music over and over again, especially one particular song that I love to dance and sing to.

Ojos Asi

I absolutely love this type of dance! 

In Second Life, once in a while I will feature in my SL: Lori Novo Blog a song for the day which means it will be the ONLY song I will listen to the whole day. By the time the day is over, I probably have heard that song over 100 times. It drives my kids crazy :P  I choose one of my many favorite songs depending on the mood I am in. There been also times when the song that I feature is a song dedicated to me from one of my friends or one of my Second Life blog readers.
I may just start doing it in this blog too. I'll let you know what song I will be listening to and hoping that you too will listen to it at least one time.

Now getting to what this post is really intended for.



Congratulations <3

For those of you that accepted my Exploring Pico challenge, here are the answers. I hope you had fun and soon I will bring you a new one.  I intend to make Pico Perfect not only a blog to read, inform and help, but also a blog full of games, contests and challenges to keep you busy while you are having fun. Remember I still have the "Did You Cut Your Hair?" game going on. Send me your replies and I'll be posting them by Saturday.

ANSWER: Caribbean Bar (Time Travel/ Age Of Exploration)
Location where I took photo for this one is highlighted in yellow. Forgot to add the word "HERE"
ANSWER: 2nd Anniversary Park

ANSWER: Statue Of Liberty (America)
ANSWER: High School Gate (High School)
ANSWER: Shibuya 106
ANSWER: Pet Farm
ANSWER: Stone Age
ANSWER: Ballerina Park
ANSWER: Classic Music Room
ANSWER: Champs Elysees (France)

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