Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where Are The Tutus?

Her antique shop is located  at the Ballerina Park.
Doesn't she have the warmest smile?

Mylene: Welcome to my shop...
Sweets*: Thanks, glad to be here :)
Mylene: May I help you?
Sweets*: Yes, can you please point to me the tutu section. I need one :)
Mylene: Sorry dear, we do not have a tutu section.
Sweets*: Hmmm, ok where can I find the dancing shoes department?
Mylene: Sorry dear, we do not carry any type of shoes in this park

Sweets*: Not even pointe or balance ballet shoes? :O

Mylene: Nope, but I do have a nice Modern Style Bed in my Antique shop.
It comes in three great colors, white, pink and blue.

Sweets*: HUH?

I am a little confused, why is she selling antiques in a ballet room?
And why is this place called the Ballerina Park?
If this is a park, then where are the trees and the benches and the green grass and the singing birds and the  playful pets running freely and the cute boys?
Don't you think it
would be a better idea if she was actually selling fluffy tutus and skirts, tights and ballet slippers?
The only thing that I found in her shop that is ballet related is one single Ballerina Dance that by the way I still need to get.

this dance is only available with Ameba Gold >:(

I am trying to live my Pico Life from now only on gummies and tokens,

but these Ameba Pico papa heads make it so hard for all of us Not-Ameba-Gold players.

They refuse to give us a break >:(

"Listen you papa-heads'
I'll make a deal with you for the Ballerina Dance that is missing from my collection of dances.

I'll give you 1000 gummies, one token, and a big shout-out in my blog if you let me have it."

What do you think my Picos, do you think they'll fall for it?
 I seriously doubt it.
These are business people we are dealing with that seem not to have any mercy on our poor wallets :(((


going back to "this" park,
Gacha has a complete ballerina outfit and separately you can also win the hair piece.
That is if you are lucky and get it right away.
And not after you finger gets purple by repeatably clicking that tempting "Play Again" button.
Or your wallet starts screaming in agony and pain.
Or after you have wasted a fortune that in reality would had bought you a REAL ballerina outfit
to wear in REAL life,
and actually have REAL fun :P

Sugar Plum Fairy

If you know how to dance ballet.. YAY for you!
But if you don't, you can still pretend that you know how like I do.
The important thing is to have fun and enjoy life <3

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