Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exploring Pico

It's me, goofball,
I mean Sweets* :P
Today I woke up in a very playful mood.
Why, you might ask?
I am just so thankful and happy to be alive!

The reason? A dream!

Well, enough of my bad dreams and let's get down to business.

Now I want to know how well do you think you know your way around Ameba Pico.
Are you familiar with every single room?
Because I have this challenge for you.
Look at the pictures below and see if you know in which room they belong to.
But don't you just stop at that but try finding the exact spot I took these photos from.
Some may be too easy to find and others not too much.
But I know you can do it ;)
See how long it takes you to solve all ten photos and on Wednesday, I'll be giving you the answers.
GooD LucK my bambinos, have fun and remember that
I love you <3333











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