Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PROFILES: Why So Negative?

That is my desperate plea for when I "cut- the- cheese" and I want to disappear from the face of the earth before the fumes reach indefensible souls.


But friend, you feel that way because you are not thinking clearly.  Maybe if you change your name you will see things differently:

HAZE: (noun

1: a. Atmospheric moisture, dust, smoke, and vapor that diminishes visibility.

bA partially opaque covering:

2: A vague or confused state of mind.

Let this be the word of the day


Use it at least once in a sentence.

no one

One of my favorite profiles ever. Now please allow me to point out some important info for you.

NAME: no one

PLACE: Malaysia

OCCUPATION: Sleeping in the middle of the park.

And by-the-wayI super love no-ones too <333


Oh come on,
At least something,
Anything will do for me :P

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