Monday, April 9, 2012

SONG OF THE DAY: One Direction

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Who likes cute guys that come in a set of five and sing like the angels?
The ones that make you feel butterflies and scream in a high annoying pitch voice every time they appear on TV.

ME, ME!!!


that was Natalie, my daughter screaming on top of her lungs standing behind me :P

Sweets*: Natalie stop screaming 
Natalie: I do, I do
Sweets*: Stop running around like crazy. You are making me dizzy.
Natalie: But mom, they are soooooo cute!
Sweets*: Calm down and tell me, who is your favorite of the five?
Natalie: They all are!
Sweets*: No no, there must be at least one that you don't like that much.
Natalie: Mother please, four are British and one is Irish, what is there not to like!

I guess she has a point there :)
Plus these kids really have style when it comes to fashion.

So this post and song of the day is dedicated to Natalie my daughter and every fan of this wonderful band.

What Makes You Beautiful ... by One Direction

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