Monday, April 9, 2012

The Three Eggs

I am so hoppy!
How was your Easter? Great I bet.
Did you eat a lot of chocolate bunnies?
Let's see, how many did I eat mmmm....

one single miniature chocolate bar :(
That is all I got in real life.
But in Pico I had three big Easter chocolate eggs.
But I actually had to find them first before I could enjoy them.

Oh how I love a challenge :)))
Bring it on Hiero :P


Oh Hiero, that one was easy. I could smell it all the way from my garden :P


Hiero, this was a bit harder. But all I needed to do was hop a little high to find it :)
things got a little complicated. If two of the three eggs were in the same room the other one must be in here too. But where???

I went crazy clicking everywhere but it was no where to be found.
I run to room 1= NOTHING
I run to room 2= NOTHING
I run to room 4= NOTHING
I run back to room 3= and still NOTHING

Little letter I sent to Hiero;
"OMG I am going crazy. Can't find the last one. Maybe someone beat me to it. Can you come and see if its still there? I really need to find all three or I'll go NuTz :PP "

Later at night time

The hunt for the third and final egg is back on!

Hahaha, it was in the same room as the others.
Thanks Hiero <3

I moved my church to room 3 and room 4 is now my office and photo studio.
I have the white floor and you all are welcome to use it at any time if you need a white background for your photos.


  1. Happy Easter !
    Searching 3 eggs in Pico room sounds so fun !
    ^ w ^

  2. Yes yukinohana, it was! :))))) I had a great time looking for those three easter eggs.