Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The White Rose

Looking so pretty in pink, ѕιℓνι caught my attention at first. But after I clicked on her profile, I realized that it was mainly her personality that had attracted my attention to her. It seems that many times I am able to sense the goodness that people carry in their hearts even before I get to know more about them. This I see as a gift, like a kindness detector.

Miracles do exist!
  They happen every day to all of us. But unfortunately, they go unnoticed due to the busy and fast lives we live.
We should all take a moment during our day to count our blessing and be thankful for what we have.

A little story I wrote...

The White Rose

A tiny seed falls from the sky, gliding smoothly through the clouds. Finally, she lands on the peek of the highest mountain. The landing was rough since the whole land was covered with ice. She stays there, motionless for a moment. The sun, seeing this, sends bright and warm rays over the her. Suddenly, the seed blooms into a beautiful white rose  and looking at the land she smiles. The sun keeps her warm during the day by hugging her with his rays.

At the end of the day, it is time for the sun to go. He promises her that he will return everyday to keep her warm and says goodbye. Night falls, bringing a snow storm. It has no mercy on the beautiful rose. All night she shivers and she can barely breathe with the harsh temperatures. Finally, the day arrives again. The sun searches for the rose and finds her buried under the snow. He sends again rays of light and warmth to her. The snow that covers the rose starts to melt. But the rose is already dying. She looks up at the sun and thanks him for his kindness. The sun starts to cry, feeling hopeless.

The rose looks up to him with a smile and says... "Don't cry my good friend, I had a good life. I was given a home to live in that looked as white as the sky. I got to feel the breeze play with my petals and I was given a wonderful friend. I felt your love for me in the warmth of your rays. You lit my world my dear friend. "

Then she closed her eyes... and she was gone.

In my story you will find miracles, blessings, gratitude, friendship and love.
My little white rose never complained but was always thankful for what she had. 

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