Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Before I start showing you this room let me tell you, I've been taking this room's pictures over and over again...LOL! Everyday when I visit my friend to ring her room, she has made new changes to it, that just keeps making this room better and better :)

This week I bring to you a very special room, it belongs to my dear little monster ★紫紗☆姫系★ from  fiinpicoland . 

She is on third place on the TOP 30 HOT ROOMS here in Pico. But with all the beautiful changes she is doing to her room, she'll probably jump into second or first place without a doubt.

Have you ever dreamed of a ~ ♡ GARDEN WEDDING ~ ♡ , getting married outside under a bright shiny sky or twinkling stars? If that is the case, this is the PERFECT wedding room for you!

BTW... I had a GARDEN WEDDING at my house when I married my wonderful husband 15 years ago.

You will be greeted by an arch of balloons and flowers✿ as you enter this beautiful room.

There are white sofas for all the wedding guests, she even remembered to place boxes of tissues on the tables for those of us who usually get very emotional during wedding ceremonies.

A beautiful Grand Piano is available to play your wedding ♪♫ music ♪♫.

A heart -shaped platform was placed next to the Grand Piano which can be used for the choir, It is also perfect for the bride and groom to take a picture on after the ceremony.

The aisle that leads to the altar is covered in a red carpet suit for a king and queen. Colorful ✿ flowers ✿ adorn both sides making this pathway seem like it's spring all the time.

Once you reach the altar, this is where the magic of true love happens. This is where many Pico couples come on a daily basis to promise to ♡love♡ each other for eternity or at least until they find a BETTER PICO...LOL ;)

Two white chairs have been placed infront for the bride and groom. You don't want them to get tired for the reception and honeymoon ;)

Muy beautiful little monster really thought of everything. She not only created the pefect most beautiful outdoor weddeing room, but she surrounded it with a lake and to top it all, she has built an elegent black boat to transfer all the newly weds to their honeymoon... WOW!

★紫紗☆姫系★ ♡♡Love Wedding♡♡ Room has become the HOT SPOT for weddings!

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