Wednesday, November 17, 2010

✿ Dear sweet_mom...

As you all know I looove getting letters and messages. Sometimes these letters are so touching or they come in a form of a question, therefore every Wednesday I will start answering to THESE special letters and messages in my new section called  "Dear sweet_mom..."

Vanilla.™ writes;

Dear Vanilla.™, thanks for your letter, I will gladly start following your vanilla pico/ Simply Pico Blog.

I truly believe that all FRIENDLY, KIND and SWEET Picos deserve to be part of my Pico Perfect Blog.  I want  to post not only my friends or myself but everyone else that makes our Pico world so great. I am very glad to be able to introduce all the wonderful and different people that are out there. As bloggers we have an amazing gift we can give to our fans which is the chance for them to be recognized and shine in our blogs just for the fact of being part of our Pico world.

May you have a WONDERFUL DAY and BEST OF LUCK to you◕‿◕

MitchieMatch writes;

Dear MitchieMatch, welcome to Pico. I hope you have the greatest time here and make a ZILLION friends.

I created my Pico to best resemble the real me, (of course in a cuter way...LOL) , however, if you want to try something different from how you look, look into my "CUTIE PICOTUTIE" section, there you will find some of the cutiest Picos I have found, maybe you can get ideas of how to creat the PERFCT Pico for you.

Good luck to you, and hope to see what you come up with.... you never know, you might just appear in one of my future Cutie Picotutie Posts.

japaco writes;

My sweet japaco, hope you are doing great. Thanks for such a lovely letter. I was so touched by it that I felt TICKLES in my heart

I do always try to see the good in every person. It's really not that hard, all I have to do is look with my heart instead of my eyes. We can all  find beauty in everything and everyone if we keep our hearts open! But by your letter, I can tell  you have an open heart to beauty already.... KEEP IT OPEN.... LoVe YoU

sweetsugarbaby writes;

Hey COOL sweetsugarbaby! What's up?

YOU and Sienna~ are sooo COOL that I am starting to feel cold... LOL. In my blog EVERYONE is equally cool. I am very proud of you  for the wonderful  LESSON  you so kindly were offering to everyone. That is why I made a special post for you two... "my two beautiful teachers". I bet all my Pico Perfect readers will agree with me, YOU ARE SUPER COOL.... LoVe YoU

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