Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

(Photo Taken in Portgas D.Ace's Room)

♪♫ Your letters and messages are musical notes to my heart

Today let us remember someone who left us to go to HEAVEN to be with GOD.
Let us remember them with a song from the heart.

This one is for you my dear brother "ART"
(January 24, 2005-date you recieved your ANGEL WINGS).
"The other day, I looked up to the sky and noticed how beautiful it was, and then I realized it's because you are up there."

Claire De Lune ♪♫ Claude Debussy

My Pico of the day is peach bi bo !

Cutie Picotutie peach bi bo is SUPER friendly to everyone that visits her room
♡。◕‿◕。♡ When I went to ring her room, she would get up to say hi to every single person that would stop by. You can tell that she really loooves people and is thankful for their visits. You can also visit her amazing bibo pico blog.

Our friend ¢σσкιє :3  from Cookie City came into my room saying there were rumors out there that I was still alive.... HUUUH??? We started talking about pets and she said she would like a pet cow and when I responded that I would like either a frog or pig as a pet, she said, "How about an elephant or a flying monkey!" OMG! she is just sooo adorable and funny, she just made my day!

OMG! I met King  ☆howl GoGo☆≧◡≦  from France. And he was kind, sweet, and VERY friendly. When I walked up to him to shake his hand, he responded immediately with a BIG smile. I just SUPER-DEDOOPER looooove royalty..... (and newbies too ;D)

Running around all the time , looking for material for my blog, is sometimes very exhausting. That is why you will sometimes see me taking brief breaks just about anywhere. Here our good friend  kailoo so kindly decided to join me so I wouldn't look like a fool  all by myself ;)

Beautiful  NekoDesu made me chase her all over Beginner's Plaza for a picture. When she finally stopped to  share her food with other Picos, I saw my opportunity. When I asked her for a picture, she very kindly accepted but not before she changed into her favorite wig. Her sweetness tickled my HEART and her feathers tickled my NOSE.