Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Sometimes things don't go as we wish they would in life. The CHOICES we make may be the wrong ones. But maybe, just maybe, GOD wants us to make a few mistakes along the way so we can learn to be better humans. "Remember that we learn from our mistakes". Once we accept what is "WRONG", then we can embrace what is "RIGHT" and be fully grateful for it.
Today let us look back to a mistake we have made, and think what we've learned from it.....let us think about it a little bit longer.....Now, aren't we a better person  thanks to that mistake? Think about it ;) 

My Pico Of The Day Is tane*!

This is the first time I go Down Town NY to look for a SPECIAL Pico to introduce. As soon as I saw Cutie Picotutie tane* from Japan, I knew it in my heart that this was my girl. I have a feeling she is a NEWBIE because when I got close to her, she immmediately moved away. But you know me ;) I am not one to give up easily! I proceeded to follow her until she stopped for a split second... LOL... enough time for me to ask her for a picture. Surprisingly she agreed to it right away. After a while I was able to break her SHY-SHELL and discovered a WONDERFUL very FRIENDLY Pico.... YAY!

Now our friend Baby Nana  got sooo shy after I accidentally confused some bushes she was standing behind from with HUGE GREEN POM-POMS that I thought she was holding. I just couldn't make her come out from there. "Come out sweetie, it was an honest mistake :)

Sun was my generous Pico of the day. She was sharing her food with EVERYONE at Beginner's Plaza non-stop. After she was done I thanked her for her generosity and her welcome to me was a tickle on the nose with her feathers.... LOL!

Our beautiful K.atie from Great Britain has the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. They reflect peace and kindness if you look into them. They do say your eyes are the windows to your soul. I wonder now what my eyes reflect.... hmmmm ?

Finally our ADORABLE  friend  Stan〃 from Taiwan joined me at Beginner's Plaza for a small chat. He was telling me the story about how he got his blue bear, and all the time I was just thinking, "OMG, he is so CUDDLY and SNUGGLY."... LOL

Til next time, TRY NOT to make the same mistake twiceLEARN YOUR LESSON the first time ☆彡

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