Wednesday, November 24, 2010



This is my new ASIAN PRINCESS LOOK, but after a while of walking around in Pico, I thought it looked more like a SWEET_GRANDMA LOOK. When I visited my good friend frans_exe, being as sweet as always, he said I looked like "A PRETTY GIRL.....AWWW, thanks ;)"

If you are wondering about my dress, I am wearing my WHITE GLITTER PRINCESS GOWN and on top of it I added my PINK FLORAL PRINTED FLARED YUKATA.

My favorite Pico's outfit of the week has to be :NANA: from Thailand.

She has beautifully combined DENIM JEAN pieces with her SOFT PINK shoes and  flared skirt. Her outfit is BEAUTIFUL from head to toes

Our girl .Maveri.'s outfit, is more on the boyish side, yet by adding the LOLITA DOUBLE-LAYER BIG BOW, she has given it that touch needed to soften up her look.♪♬

yuka(゚∇^*)  has the perfect idea of how to look GREAT ALL THE TIME. I have been checking her profile and she hasn't disappointed me yet.....She's been keeping it up. She looks GREAT

Now I bring you BEAUTIFUL PICOS who know how to look GREAT!

Til next Wednesday, don't walk around NAKED when you can get soooo MANY great ideas from these GREAT-LOOKING PICOS!

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