Wednesday, November 24, 2010

✿Dear sweet_mom...

angel spirit writes...

Hello fellow blogger, thank you for you letter. :)

I am not very cleared what your request is for. I checked your URL and noticed you have a WONDERFUL PICO blog already. My advice to you is, keep working with what you have, because to me it really looks VERY PROMISING. Give it your all, DEDICATION and HEART and in return you will have your own blog to share with hundreds of people. Best of luck to you and keep that blog of yours alive :)

一═┳︻ⓐⓛⓔⓧ︻┳═一 writes...

Dear Alex,.....HOLA :)

My answer to your question is....your NEW LOOK......hmmmm......GREAT!!!, I loooove it. You look marvelous my dear. You truly look AMAZING.  Let's all stay pretty INSIDE  and OUT together =)

Scarleet writes...

Dear Scarlet glad you like my SECRET GARDEN ROOM εїз

I'll share with you the secret POTION I  poured into my Pico Perfect Blog everyday, but you gotta promise me to keep it a secret....(whisper) HEART (whisper)...... ;) A very SPECIAL person in my life that  encourage me to write, told me once, "ALWAYS WRITE FROM YOUR HEART", and since that day I carry his words with me. In everything you do, if you do it from your heart, the results you'll get will always be WONDERFUL.*

morafersure writes...

My dear morafersure, Hope you are having a MAGICAL DAY

You have no idea the great joy your letter brought me. I would have never thought of my blog as a MAGICAL JOURNEY..... WOW!... But know that I think about it, truly the MAGIC comes from all those WONDERFUL Picos that I so gladly post everyday. Their KINDNESS create the MAGIC that makes this JOURNEY so GREAT ! It will be a real  honor to met with you soon. Take care ☆彡

japaco writes...

Hello again my sweet japaco, once again you have tickled my heart

Yes, keep that beautiful heart of yours WIDE OPEN, because I am doing the same. Let only beauty, sweetness, kindness, love, faith and compassion among ALL the other wonderful things out there come inside it and grow stronger EVERYDAY

Maknea Seohyun writes...

Hi sweetie, I am so glad that you have such a  sweet generous friend like jalean :)

Unfortunately there is no possible way that she can give you exactly the pink dog she already has :(  The only other way, requires you to exchange personal information between you two, which I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND. If I ever find a SAFE way of how to give a friend a pet, I will post the information immediately.

I am very sorry I couldn't help you at this time, but see the bright side of the situation.... YOU ARE BLESSED WITH A WONDERFUL FRIEND SMILE =)

Angela027 writes...

Hello dear Angela027, birthdays are WONDERFUL and yours is coming up soon :)

It breaks my heart to have to let you down on the birthday gift that you so much want from me. If it was possible without a doubt I would gladly give you a tortoise. However in Pico things like that can not be given to other people unless personal information is exchanged, which I strongly don't recommend. The BEST gift I can give you is to make you a VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISH for you in my blog. I already wrote it down in my calender. LoVe YoU... take care

Im His<3 writes...

Hello my swimming buddy

Thank you sooo much for your message. You really think I am the BEST person you know? well thank you so much for such a beautiful comment, however, I bet that if you look around you, you will find MANY- BEST people in your personal life. For example, your parents... I bet they are the BEST :) And yes, I feel very blessed by GOD. I have a WONDERFUL family, we are in good health, we have food on our table, a roof on our heads and alot of love to spread around with others. But you know what? I truly consider myself SUPER BLESSED BY GOD, because I have soooo many people here in Pico that love me.


тєяяα(: writes... 
Hi dear тєяяα(:, first , cogratulations on your new Pico Living Blog.
I took a look at it and I think you are doing GREAT. I noticed two things about your blog;
1st. You have Dark Love ๖ۣۜ♥ in some of your posts, can't blame you, he is a REAL Cutie Picotutie ;)
2nd. Your BLOGGING STYLE is VERY much similiar to mine. which is GREAT. That particular style and ideas have worked for me, and I truly hope they work for you as well.
Just give it your best and put your heart in everything you write and you'll be ok. :)

◄¢►ʇ,ǝɔuıʌ◄¢► writes...

Hello my sweet ◄¢►ʇ,ǝɔuıʌ◄¢►, Congratulations on your new Pico Friends blog. I am VERY proud of you, you are doing GREAT. I 've been checking your new blog often :)

Yes, I have noticed that too, but you see the thing with me is that, that room has the BEST MEMORIES for me of very HAPPY DAYS that are long gone now. My BEST FRIEND (who is no longer part of my life :( ) and I spent MANY beautiful moments there. I often sit there to remember those SPECIAL times when we use to sit there and just talk forever. And it's been hard for me to make those changes in my room because I feel that as long as I keep my room that way, those moments will live forever .

But maybe it is time to let go of the past, since those beautiful memories have become painful for me. As soon as I am ready, I promise you I will transform my room into a NEW SPECIAL PLACE for you all. Love you and thanks for your well taken.

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