Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Why when we love someone we often tend to find things that we want to change in them. We think we know how they should be or how they should live their lives. Many times the way we want them to change is an IMAGE of who we are and how we are living our own lives.εїз

Isn't REAL LOVE accepting the person for who they are? That is what makes them SPECIAL, their individuality. Let them be THEMSELVES. Accept them FOR WHO THEY ARE, otherwise we are not really loving them, we are just loving the idea of creating another "US".

HELPING and CHANGING are two totally different things. HELPING a loved one is always welcomed. CHANGING is meant to demean a human for our own benefit. Let's not confuse these two.

Today, tell that special SOMEONE (it can be a friend)...."I LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE... YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL TO ME :) ☆彡


My Pico Of The Day Is D E V I L!

Somebody must had sent me to HELL because that is where I suddenly found myself standing. Luckily for me, this hell's devil was a sweetheart and we ended up adding each other. In another words, I made friends with the D E V I L.... LOL. But not to worry my dear Picos, our good new friend that goes by this name and has named his room "HELL" is so loving and kind, that after he had followed me to my room and having the sweetest conversation with him, didn't leave without saying, "God bless you sweet_mom." AWWW, wasn't that sooo sweet of him? ;)

Our beautiful Indian friend ☆☉°〖Sεп₪α〗°☉☆ greeted me with open arms and the most lovely smile at Beginner's Plaza. Her HAPPY personality can brighten your whole day in a SNAP! She is truly a Pico that can spread HAPPY SPRINKLES over your sadness☆彡

"Sweet, sweet Si Gosong, please take my hand and I will GLADLY show you our BEAUTIFUL PICO WORLD! You will loooove it

OMG, our NAKED friend !*Beelzeboss*!sitting on the fountain, seems to be ready to jump in. Maybe I should join him, I mean getting wet in the fountain, not going naked.  HAHA=)

My poor little Indian friend Newt อี๊ seems to have gotten lost. She is way to far from THE TRIBAL PARTY PARK. Good thing for me, this way I got to meet her and enjoy a GREAT dancing time together. After, I walked her back to her home to make sure she was safe.

That BING-BLING DOLLAR CROWN from Jill's Shop has become my OBSESSION :(
Me and my friend  **你阿爺** were trying to rest for a while before continuing our PICO FUN, when suddenly I started dreaming about it....I just can't get it out of my head >:(

Hello sir.....aaaahhh.....m'am, How are you?......aaahhhh.......Do you know what time is it?
Are you really a PSYCHOSOCIAL from MARS? Is your name really Ðelacroix? I think you look
INCREDABLY AWESOME even though I couldn't get into your room to search for clues to know you better.

Til tomorrow, Keep your hearts open to the beautiful individuality of others ♡。◕‿◕。♡


  1. aww 2 my friend on this post! love care bears xD

    nice mommm~

  2. Hii :DDD i senna~ Grumpy bear here~~

    happy to see ur post /kiss thanks u so much :3

    last one is our dela, bed time bear from care bears :3

  3. lol dela is sir not mam..hello sweet_mom