Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks My Picos

As you all know yesterday was my B-day. Feeling excited about the day, I decided to go out there and mingle with my Picos.

Right away it turned out to be GREAT!!! I met with alot of beautiful, fun loving Picos happy to spend time with me on my special day.

As soon as I arrived to Beginners Plaza, this lovely group of friends welcomed me to the fun they were having together.

I did some of my cheers for them and we danced and talked for a while.

From there I headed to the Football Field where I met sweet Maruko_ . We had so much fun dancing and cheering for the Picos that were playing a football game at the time.

Other nice people all over Pico wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Keep in mind these are people I've never met before which was very nice of them.

Finally I bumped into my sweet ![[ChOl0]]!. This was like a special birthday gift for me since I hadn't seen ![[ChOl0]]! in a very loooong time and I had missed him so much. I showed him my new learned cheering skills and we talked about my mr. bibo :)

The highlight of the day was when I checked my emails and there was a Premium Hallmark E-Card from my dear best friend ;) I would share it with you but this I will keep for myself...sorry :)

Thanks to all those wonderful Picos that helped me feel special on my day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ![[ChOl0]]! thank you for spending time with me and Catero thanks for.... EVERYTHING!

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  1. thank you! I had a great time (^o^)v
    I love your blog!