Sunday, January 30, 2011

A friendly reminder to be aware of scammers

Since ten.ten. came forward with a plea to all those who use Pico to be aware of people trying to con you into giving away your login information, scammer awareness has been at the front of many people's minds.

Don't ever give out the email address and password to someone who promises to give you Ameba Gold in exchange for your information. If you are foolish or naïve enough to fall for this, you will never see your account again. The con artist will take your account, change the account information and take it over.

If something sounds too good to be true ... chances are it is.

The other day I logged in to find someone had sent me a letter with a most generous offer. Can you sense the sarcasm?

My Pico avatar may look like a drooling goofball, but I am definitely not. I know a scam when one slaps me in the face ... and this is definitely one.

Of course, I rolled my eyes and reported this incident right away.

Have you been approached by someone promising to put Ameba Gold into your account? Run away!
  1. Don't answer them
  2. Block them from your room and/or mute them
  3. Report them right away!
The administrators of Ameba Pico are really cracking down on scammers and con artists. They'll never know who is guilty of taking advantage of trusting Pico players (and violating their Terms of Use) unless you tell them when someone tries to do it to you.

Have a safe Pico life!

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