Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making The Cut

The funniest thing happened to me last night and I still can't stop laughing. :)

I decided to check the list of events to choose one and have some fun, when I come across one that caught my eye. The theme of the event sounded pretty interesting to me as you can see on the above photo.  So I put on my best smile and headed to this event, determined to make it to the "UPSTAIRS".

As I arrived, I noticed that in fact, some lucky Picos have already made it to the upstairs and lucky for me there is no line I have to get in. I approached the host who is sitting down eagerly waiting to judge and determine if I am good enough to step foot on her UPSTAIRS. She keeps looking at me with uncertainty for a while ... which made me feel a little uneasy and I started to wonder if something could possibly go wrong. In my desperation to go upstairs I asked her almost in a pleading voice, "I go?"

GUESS WHAT? ... not only was I not considered good enough for the upstairs, but I was KICKED OUT of the room by the host ...LOL! :P

I couldn't believe what had just happened that I started laughing so hard and almost fell out of my seat.

I thought it was one of the FUNNIEST things that has happened to me. I have been kicked out from rooms before and I have felt sad or confused but never have I found it as funny as I did last night.

To the room host (who seemed fairly new):, welcome to Pico and thank you for making my day and making me laugh.

BTW, I want to thank my good friend Software for creating an event in his room in my honor. ❥ Thank you sooo much!

[Update: January 13, 2010] Since the room owner was "embarrassed" her name has been removed from the text and images of this post so that she can not be easily recognized and her privacy can be respected. The intent of this post was to describe a funny situation, not to upset her. - Catero

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  1. hello there, im in luv with ur blog and your puppy :)
    dont b scared... i'm not a stalker, i just go to your room everyday :)
    to let me puppies play with yours... come to my room some time if u want :)
    and again, luv your blog and your pets :) xoxo
    This is my pico name: ✶Lιη∂α✶
    you r welcome to my room any time u like :) but my room is not good as yours thought... :)