Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lovely Heart Room

Left-to-right: ✥Ĺx-MyLife✥, ebeechan (from Indonesia), Aphrolea ♫♪♫♪ (from Indonesia), ♫N†N♫ kiki ™ (from Netherlands) and crystal$$$$$$@ (from USA)

Once again PINK takes over another Model Room. This time, it was the new LOVELY HEART ROOM that was totally tinted in this tender color. I just wonder, if its called The Lovely Heart Room, and the heart is red, why is this model room pink? hhhmmm.... Don't get me wrong, I love pink but RED is my all-time favorite color!

As soon as I noticed this new room had opened up I put on my Pink Romantic Princess Dress and my comfy Romantic Fluffy Room Slippers, grabbed my Lovely Bear and away I went! Once I arrived at the overly pink destination, I noticed a group of friends having a fun day enjoying the wonderful accommodations the room had to offer.

This new Model Room has a second floor with a stairways made out entirely of Romantic Mini Roses. I would had never imagine that the numerous amount of roses I got from the Romantic Bath Room and I still have saved in my Decor Pocket could possibly be used in such a BEAUTIFUL way. Going up through this Rose Stairs felt like I was caught in a rain of roses. I just had to stop and breathe in all the beauty.

Once I finally overcame the ROSY STAIRWAYS experience and made it to the top floor, another group of friends greeted me. This time it was our handsome boy Łight ϓagami, his beautiful companion ♬ Кαї ♬ from Japan, and the Zelestial Princess Océane♡ from France.

I decide to check out our robotic "SHOP" friend, and at soon as SHE saw me, ( I am assuming SHOP is a SHE, due to the color), she so stubbornly tried to convinced me that "Pink is the best ..." NAH HA!!! I had to set her straight by defending my FAVE red and blue and green and yellow and orange and purple and ...

Well, you get the idea. ;)

Now, what do you get when you add one stubborn SHOP plus a stubborn SWEET_MOM? You get an endless disagreement of opinions. Like a slap on the face, SHOP so carelessly tells me that "Shopping is fun ..." It is when you have Ameba Gold, however, when you are completely broke like me it is plain cruel to rub it in my face :P

As I was getting ready to leave, I bump into the beautiful du¢ky...♪™ from Great Britain, owner of the WONDERFUL Ducky's guide 2 Pico Blog. After a very interesting chat, we decided to take a picture together in this fabulous room. I wonder if she will be posting our picture in her blog?

Okay, this is not what it looks like ... okay, okay, it is! Our "NEW" friend emmnuel got me off-guard and planted me a BIG kiss while I was busy cropping my pictures. Who can blame the guy. In this ROMANTIC PINK-OTIC atmosphere you can't help feeling romantic and kissing whoever is standing next to you. Emmnuel may be a NEWBIE with zero buddies, but we both can say he came into Pico with a big BANG. He got to kiss sweet_mom on his first day ... LOL! After my "FRIENDLY" experience with Emmnuel. I decided to stick around for a while and see what other AMAZING Picos I would get to meet. 

Soon I realized that it was painful to stick around. Our beautiful friend 桂衣✿ from Germany was on a shopping spree while all I could do was stand on the side and watch her fill up her shopping cart with beautiful things. Every time she dropped something into her cart I would say, "I want that ... and that ... and that too", but she was too busy shopping to realize that she was breaking my heart.

Now guess who was the STAR of the room? No, I didn't say who was holding the star in the room. >:( I said WHO WAS THE STAR IN THE ROOM??? That would be our friend みパン☺(mipan。)from Japan. She was truly the star because she blended perfectly with this PINK room.

Have you ever bumped into someone that is just sooo extraordinary that you want to so much to impress them and end up doing something foolish? I did when I bumped into paedoubleu from Thailand. As soon as I saw her I did my Flying Monkey Routine - as Catero would say - but I see it more as The Chicken Dance though ... LOL!

Feeling a little tired, I soon fell asleep and immediately started dreaming of all the beautiful things I wanted to buy. The overalls, the heart rug, the chair, the ... EVERYTHING!

Getting over excited about all the beautiful things I wanted, I ran for the door. I needed to get home and find my husband's ... I mean, OUR wallet. ;) Oh, I love that wallet sooo much. :P

The problem was that I was trying to push open the door and I never noticed the "PULL" sign until someone felt sorry for me and opened the door letting me out. I ran all the way home like a crazy goat to only find that my dear WALLET, I mean my husband wasn't home. :(

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