Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Facebook Scam Stealing Pico IDs

CyberAgent America Inc., creators of the Ameba Pico game, are stepping up safety and security as a result of continued scam activity in Pico. Previously, ten.ten. provided Pico Perfect (and several other blogs) a personal example of the ways scammers try to gain access to your account.

We recently received the email (below) from vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖ about a new way that scammers are trying to trick people into unknowingly handing over their Pico account information through a Facebook scam. This comes shortly after the official Pico blog posted two statements this week about protecting your Pico ID through Facebook and increased security for purchasing AmebaGold.

Written by vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖

Hello, I've seen that you guys have posted warnings about pico scammers in the past, and I was sincerely hoping that you would do it again, to help prevent a possibly huge issue. I've already taken the time to contact Pico about this, but if more people know and report, more might become aware of the situation.
I recently logged onto my facebook account, to find that I had a message from "Admln Pico".

The message stated this:
Dear Ameba Pico Online

We have detected suspicious activity in Ameba Pico Online you and will immediately suspend your account as a security precaution. We've issued a warning to you via email, but you do not respond to our notice. Therefore, your account will be immediately terminated, and will not be reinstated for any reason.

You can get back control of your account by logging into
[Link removed]
and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: If Within 12 hours, you have not verified your account on our links, then you have ignored our notifications. Therefore, your account is permanently suspended, and will from not be reactivated for any reason.

Admin Ameba Pico
This is CLEARLY not the official Pico account. And they are very clearly trying to scam people out of their accounts. I doubt I'm the only one who's recieved this message. I want to send this out as a warning to all Pico users, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK AND ADD YOUR LOGIN INFO. It is not legit, and you will possibly lose your account to this scam. No one's Pico accounts have been frozen. Please report this user to both Pico and Facebook if you get a message from them.

Thanks in advance,
vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖

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