Friday, February 25, 2011

Punk Princess☎'s blog needs writers

I caught up with Punk Princess☎ (from the sweet_mom's Pet? post) who has made some changes.

First, she has made a little adjustment to her Pico ID. Punk-Princess1 has turned into Punk Princess☎. Perhaps she's a bit of a phone addict. ;-)

Second - and most importantly - she's followed through with her heart's desire and has started a Pico blog.

Punk Princess☎ has just getting things rolling over at her The Life and Times of Ameba Pico blog and she's looking for 2 new "budding" writers to contribute to posts.

If you are an aspiring looking to be involved in a blog collaborative - like many other Pico blogs out there - send Punk Princess☎ a letter in Pico or send an email to Details on her blog ... »

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