Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rooms, SWEET Rooms
by sweet_mom and Catero

あきおん's Room


sweet_mom; "With a big brain like mine, I was in need of a bigger head".
Catero; "I always knew sweet_mom had a big head, but this is getting out of control now".

∞ peNg ∞'s Room


sweet_mom; As a big NATURE lover, this room has to be one of the best. It is absolutely beautiful how the water flows across the room dividing it into two separated pieces of land, each offering tranquility in their own beautiful way.

Catero; A very beautiful room with relaxing nature elements - green grass, blue sky and water, and rich brown wood.

While we were visiting ∞ peNg ∞'s beautiful "lake retreat", I wanted to have a nice relaxing time under the AMAZING deck enjoying the comforts of the outdoor living area. But Catero as always, purposely contradicted me said he wanted to go swimming instead.

Sooo I decided to join him and jumped into the water right next to him. But being as stubborn as he always is, he proceeded to scream at me on top of his lungs, "NOT YOU, JUST ME ... GET OUT >:( ." So I had no choice but to get out and sit by the outdoor fireplace to dry my clothes up while I could hear him splashing around having a great time in the water :(

Now our good friend ∞ peNg ∞ has three other fabulous rooms you might want to check out while you are there.

Bubiful's Room


Bubiful's room is well protected by a giant colorful angel that sits and guards the door 24/7 from any unpleasant visitors that might be bringing negativity into her room.

k S h A 0 8's Room


This room is absolutely beautiful even though it only has three THINGS in it, a waterfall, a beautiful white bridge and one single tree. And just in case you didn't notice, IT HAS WINDOWS :O Just in case you want to look outside....hmmm.... aren't we outside already?

Now I am mad... I AM REALLY MAD >:(
Catero didn't let me get in the water in the last room we went to and this one the water has been blocked all around making it impossible to get in.

maririn♪'s Room


sweet_mom: This room is absolutely breathtaking from top to bottom. Everything has been well though out and maririn♪'s decorative skills are AMAZING!!!

Catero: A nice open-air diner with a rooftop garden.

This diner is a great place to spend quality time with your BFFS sharing food and drinks while feeling the breeze of a cool afternoon.

BTW; Catero said I looked like a big pink cupcake wearing an eyepatch with this outfit :(
Would you say you agree?

Now, my favorite part of this amazing room I would have to say its the top floor, "THE GARDEN". Even though its small, it is very cozy and the view from up there is espectacular!!!
No wonder maririn♪'s three pet pandas (momo pink- Sea blue and Cocoa brown) like it so much up there.

Til next time my dear Picos, don't forget to leave TWO cups of coffee in your rooms instead of one, remember Catero and I might visit you sometime :)


  1. I wanted to copy and paste the first room owner's name (the one with the big head) but it wouldn't let me. Could you please fix this so I could enjoy the awesome room, too?

  2. @ Anonymous, right-clicking on text is disabled from this blog to prevent further theft of content from our posts. So, unfortunately, you can not copy the text.

    If you would like to send a letter to sweet_mom or I (Catero) in Pico, we can give it to you in a letter reply and you can find it from there.

    Thanks for reading.