Tuesday, February 8, 2011

★☆sabrina☆★♥'s Dreamworld


Have you ever found yourself caught in an event that turned out to be anything but ordinary?
I did last night as I visited ★☆sabrina☆★♥'s room and though the event was a bit strange the message was of a positive content.

(My commentary is in purple and looks like this.)

[I enter ★☆sabrina☆★♥ 's room]
(9:24) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: here i sleep
(19:24) αѕнℓιє εïз: dis is cool
(19:24) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: if you wake me
(19:24) sweet_mom: hi
(19:24) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: nightmare shall be relesed
[I noticed a single "WHITE" block sitting in the middle of all the pink ones and that is ALL I'm concerned with]
(19:24) sweet_mom: why is there one white block here?
(19:24) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: all of pico will fear
(19:24) αѕнℓιє εïз: yawn!
(19:25) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: all is good when good dreams are in good hands
(19:25) αѕнℓιє εïз: i think im gonna die im soo bored and u mad it worse
(19:25) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: if i whaere to awake you will fear the nightmares that i lock up
(19:26) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: be warned
(19:26) αѕнℓιє εïз: =0 yawn
(19:26) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: no one awaken my sleep
[Our friend sabrina is VERY serious and still all I can think of is "THE WHITE BLOCK"]
(19:26) sweet_mom: plz tell me
(19:26) sweet_mom: why one white block here
(19:26) αѕнℓιє εïз: night vampire lady
(19:26) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: they are path ways
(19:26) sweet_mom: does it mean anything
(19:27) sweet_mom: special
(19:27) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: it shows the road to good sleep
(19:27) sweet_mom: oh
(19:27) sweet_mom: wow
[At this point Dr. Me starts making not so nice remarks which I have changed]
(19:27) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: favor this place to keep it alive
(19:27) sweet_mom: it is very nice
(19:27) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: or nightmares will eat this place and i will awaken
(19:28) αѕнℓιє εïз: k weirdo
[After giving us one last display of profanity, Dr. Me leaves the room]
(19:28) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: he was a nightmare
(19:28) sweet_mom: lol
(19:28) sweet_mom: yup
(19:28) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: he tried to awaken me
(19:29) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: this is the pico dreamworld
(19:29) sweet_mom: it is beautiful
19:30) ★☆sabrina☆★♥: it is because nightmares are banned here
[And with those final words by our good friend I leave her room still thinking of "THE WHITE BLOCK"]


  1. hi it is me ★☆sabrina☆★♥. well this post is nice. thanks for posting this up. its nice for picos to know of good things. of coures i had to kick dr.me. my room says no bad words allowed which is harmful to underaged kids who do visit my room.

  2. WOW! You kicked Dr.Me out? I had nooo idea,that is great, he was being very disrespectful and I don't blame you. I loooved your event and the message it had <3