Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sweet_mom's FASHIONS

Once again I bring to you a line of wonderful Fashionable Picos. However on this occasion I am not only going to talk to you a little about fashion but also give you wonderful news. Our good friend Ðaяk Ðяεam๖ۣۜ♥ has so kindly accepted to write for us our FASHION segment every Tuesday starting next week. She has great fashion style and I am sure she will do a wonderful job!

First, we have my good friend Lala CuIIen♡, isn't she beautiful? Not only is she one of the most beautiful people here in Pico, but she has one of the greatest fashion styles I have seen. She even makes all those "NEWBIE" clothes look good. Seriously, I don't think her outfits make her look GREAT, it is SHE that makes them look AMAZING!

Our friend ♥☻↕Ghie↕☻♥ has created the perfect outfit for a day out with her BFFS either at the mall or going out to eat. However, if they get chased by a dog (heyyy, you never know), she is prepared to climb a tree without having to worry that someone might see her undies... LOL. Noticed she is wearing pants under her skirt ;)

"Little Boy Blue", I mean "Little Girl Blue" in ‖¥akuZa‖ fitri case. Her boyish look doesn't stop her from looking adorably sweet. With her rosy cheeks and long CHONGOS (pony tails) she is the perfect angelic picture of a sweet girl!

Aisha Lucifer from Egypt is sooo beautifully handsome, that he gets mistaken by being a girl, that is why his profile clarifies his gender. Though his second name is LUCIFER, with his great fashion style he looks more like an angel from Heaven.

And last but not least, Pearlman, another very handsome guy with GREAT fashion style. His outfit is perfect from head to toes. He didn't miss any detail. He lets us know we can call him as we like... " can we call you, "YOU HANDSOME DEVIL?

Being this my last sweet_mom's FASHIONS post, I announce to you the new name starting this coming Tuesday which our wonderful friend Ðaяk Ðяεam๖ۣۜ♥ will be calling Dream Fashions.
Have fun my dear Picos looking beautiful ;)

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