Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The effects of bullying

Written by: Vegemite

Bullying has affected many people around the world from any age. Common types of bullying include physical abuse, verbal abuse (swearing and name calling, cyber bullying, and spreading vicious lies and rumors. This can end up with extremely strong effects, especially in schools.

Lately there have been quite a few incidents that have been discussed locally, nationally, even worldwide. I have been researching these incidents to find some good news and some bad … or worse.

This week, Australia has received delightful news regarding bullying. A boy who is aged 16 has been bullied for an awful long time due to his obesity. Recently, he was at school when another boy started to punch him and say hurtful things to him. But this time was different. He actually fought back, not allowing his schoolmate to bully him again.

This situation has hit international news, with bullied victims cheering and standing up to be proud of who they are.

This morning I heard on the news that the bully said that the victim had bullied him. This was very surprising because the bully had also said that he was a victim of bullying in primary school. This shows that bullies have often been bullied themselves in childhood.

I have also heard that there has been high level cyber bullying all around.

People may wonder, “Why is cyber bullying that bad?”

Here's why: if you cyber bully someone over the internet or any other chat messaging, they have evidence of what you did. And here’s another thing – if you’re in school, and if the victim’s parents see the hurtful messages, the principal could get involved. Sometimes if the bully threatens to kill you on the internet or anything as horrible as that, even police can get involved.

Have you been cyber bullied? I have.

If you have been a victim of cyber bullying and you are in school, tell your parents straight away.

If you are a bully, think about it. Imagine yourself in the victim’s shoes – you wouldn’t like being picked on, so why pick on people?

If you’re getting bullied, it’s okay to be upset, but if it’s way over the top, see somebody about it. Talking to a professional helps. A LOT.

Bullying can get serious. So if you want to say something nasty to somebody just don’t. Keep in mind:
  • You know you are going to get caught eventually
  • Imagine yourself as the victim
  • It can get serious
If you are the victim this is what you want to think about:
  • It’s okay to be upset
  • Others feel your pain
  • Don’t focus on the bully – stay away from the bully as much as you can
  • Tell an adult you trust about what is happening
I, Vegemite, have suffered from bullying, too. My experience with bullying occurred at a young age which started around 8 years old. I found that there were many types of bullying. My experience was mostly with rude names and words.

Another way to help, I would say that talking to people who have experienced similar experiences with bullying as you.

Thanks, stay safe <3

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