Monday, March 21, 2011

It's A Small World

FRIENDSHIP... what a beautiful gift we can give to each other. It is one of the sweetest relationship that can easily grow between two people. Friendship is priceless, meaningful and a real blessing.

A TRUE FRIEND hugs our hearts and lives with their own. Their love gives us that warmth feeling that helps us feel special and loved. They magically transforms our ordinary life into an extrodinary adventure where everything becomes much better and make enjoy the ride in life.

TRUE FRIENDS are gifts from Heaven. They are true angels sent from God to make our journey in life special.

TRUE FRIENDS dry our tears with their love and erase our troubles and sadness away with their smiles. They listen to our dreams with their hearts and always keep their arms open to catch us if we happen to fall.

Thank God for TRUE FRIENDS!

I would like to hear some of the QUALITIES you APPRECIATE in your friends and your friendships.

Send me a Pico Letter with ID name of your friend and the qualities about her/him that you would like to share with us and I will post it on Pico Perfect.

=^-^= (from The USA)


✖C I N✖ (from Guinea)

TRUE FRIENDS help each other and LISTEN. They are always ready to give you ADVICE when you need it and will HELP you and GUIDE you in the right direction.

≧◡≦мøøƒƒїηs≧◡≦ (from The USA)

TRUE FRIENDS will always find it in their hearts to FORGIVE us and will SYMPATHIZE with our problems and be COMPASSIONATE.

あかずきん (from France)

TRUE FRIENDS enjoy spending time with us and never make us feel like we are in their way. 


  1. about something we really care about

  2. Anonymous, You Might Not Understand. A True Friends Understands Us As If They Were Us. They Make You Laugh, Cry, Get So Dramatic, But It's Worth It. Maybe You Dont Understand To Have Any, Or Your Just A Plain Hater. Either Way, Please Keep You Rude Comments To Yourself. Thank You!

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    It is very sad to me that you find my post boring when it's about friendship which is a beautiful thing. Maybe it is because you haven't been blessed with a real, true friend. I pray to God that soon you'll find a good friend and you will learn to appreciate the beauty of friendship. God bless you.