Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meeting My Pico Bugs

What is more beautiful than a garden full of flowers? That would be a garden where butterflies, lady bugs and bumble bees roam swiftly through the air leaving behind a trail of sparkly joy. Where the air is filled with the sounds of flapping tiny wings and musical buzzes echoes through every corner. Where every flower will hold you tenderly as in a hug with its petals while you rest and enjoy the company of wonderful friends.

That is exactly what Spring brings to you with this beautiful Flower Garden. A day where you will find yourself surrounded by the cutest Pico bugs ever.

Now, the first cute bug I encountered was cσσκιɛヾ(≧∇≦)ノ from cσσκιɛヾ(≧∇≦)ノ Pico :D. When I saw this beautiful blue butterfly I noticed she was sitting very still  in the middle of a white flower probably tired from having been dancing around to the sound of the soft breeze. As soon as I sat, she stood up and gave me the most beautiful smile.

As I continue going flower to flower, I discovered that one of the "The Beatles" was there, that would have to be John Lennon, I mean JOHN.LEMON. This cute Pico bug sitting on a flower was offering the warmest smile anyone could get. It was impossible not to get contagious with her sweet and friendly attitude.... simply ADORABLE :)

It was very nice when as I continue exploring this beautiful place, I had the honor of bumping into our good friend ★Cyber★ from Gira Blog.  Truly this is a well known Pico in our community not only for his amazing Japanese Blog, but also for his wonderful room design skills.  I was glad to see that our friend is very friendly and approachable. As soon as I greeted him, he extended a friendly hand to me. Now that is what I call a good role-model of equality. He is famous and rich and yet he is humble and  down to earth ;)

BTW, two things...
1. Our friend wasn't dressed as a bug, but because of his green outfit, lets just say he was a grasshopper for the day ;)
2. Did you noticed in the picture Mr. Orange, that would be the little man in black on the left is telling me not to be shy :O Now even the shop owners know how shy I am :P

Finally after all the excitement of exploring this beautiful area and finding so many cute bugs, I was exhausted and took a nap together with Picolly (my turtle) who was my pet companion for the day. We slept for hours under the Spring Sky dreaming of  lady bugs, butterflies and bumble bees.

Finally, I am so glad this "BUGGY" Premium Gacha is available for 50AG a spin and the prizes are BUGeautiful!

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