Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cute Picos Wall


COUNTRY: Great Britain
JOINED PICO:  June 2010

ABOUT ME: I love fashion and clothes shopping but most of all I love hanging out with my friends and family my hobbies are doing art work and I love to play on pico!

MY PICO LIFE: Is about friends, friends and friends.  I love to visit the park and I love to go shopping and check out all the new items and places on pico

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I'd like a new place like a huge wonderland of all different things like u would see in a dream or new fashions

WHAT I DON"T LIKE: The only thing I dont like about pico is the hackers! and people that are mean or swear at you.

Thank to all my wonderful friends and family but most of all thank u sweets and all the people reading this blog.


COUNTRY: Vietnam, Asia
JOINED PICO:  Last year is all I remember :/

ABOUT ME:  I am a Pico Holic! I like soccer and skateboarding like any 13 year old :)

MY PICO LIFE:  I like buying ACTIONS >:D My best friend since I have played I think is AngelaDomo
I am writing a blog: www.picohearts.blogspot.com

WHAT I WANT IN PICO:  MORE ACTIONS ! :D and more things that cost tokens or gummies. :)

WHAT I DON"T LIKE: AG ): People who have ag think they're so special and too much things cost ag D:
also Gacha.

A thank you to: Sweets* for posting this :D and also please follow www.picohearts.blogspot.com


COUNTRY: Philippines
JOINED PICO: Long long time ago

ABOUT ME: I love singing and I love PICO. I love making new friends! =)

MY PICO LIFE:  I  love pico because I can meet new friends, play games and other things! MY favorite thing about pico is there are events coming up.

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I would like to see new places and new clothes and others like Philippines.=D and a lot lot more!

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: I dont like about pico..that most items are with ameba gold...and I cant earn ameba gold only credit cards...there must be an easy way. I dont like bad people.

'Life is limited, we should use it wisely and properly. But there is PROBLEMS AND TROUBLES! all we have to do is pray and work hard.' Thank you.=)


COUNTRY: Romania
JOINED PICO: March 4, 2011

ABOUT ME: I'm a nice person. I love reading and writing. And my hobbies are: Playing Pico, playing outside, making video's, and playing with my hamster, Pooky.

MY PICO LIFE: My favorite thing about Pico is when my friends are nice and caring. And when bullies dont bother anyone. I like Pico because Its a fun and cute game. I usually visit rooms when my friends aren't on.

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I would like the pets to cost tokens or gummies. I also wanna see More fashions that cost gummies.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I don't like bullies.

Thanks for posting me in your blog Sweets*! Have a happy Pico life everyone! Also report if someone was mean to you, called you bad words, etc.

These are the names of some people I tried to get in contact with to feature in my wall but they seem to have changed their names. If you see your old name below, please send me your new Pico ID in a Pico letter.

*-*Tega*Bleue*, Apple 苹果, нσиєyღ¢нσ¢σ, ►Earl Wendy◄, ѕσρнíα_вℓєυє

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