Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loving Messages

My dear Lord, I had no idea of how me leaving Pico could affect so many people, I really had no idea :(  The last thing I wanted to do was to cause any sadness in your little Pico hearts. Last night, one of my dear  friends surprised me with a phone call. She told me how everyday there are new messages posted on my board and even took the time to read some of them for me. As you may have guessed it, I became an ocean of tears. I was very deeply touched by all your loving and thoughtful words.

To inspire joy, hope and love is what motivates me and fills me with happiness. Never did  I want to see your smiles turn into frowns :(  Leaving Pico was a very hard decision for me to take. It was so hard that I didn't even had the heart to delete my poor pets (Picolly, Mr. Tickles and Oreo) and return them to the Pet Farm... I just couldn't do it :(

I spent my last moment in Pico sending goodbye letters to a few friends. After that I spent a few minutes with each one of my pets. I proceeded to go to each one of my rooms for a last look. Finally I went to Room 4, my church, the place I created with so much love for all of us. there, I spent my final minutes remembering so many special moments, moments that I spent with the wonderful people I had the honor of meeting during my Pico life... then with tears in my eyes I logged out, knowing that I was leaving behind a very special and loving part of my life.

My friend kept insisting  for me to log in at least for a few minutes so I could see for myself the outpouring love from all your messages. However, I had to refuse and be strong. I need this time to gain strength and to learn to trust again. Some might call my decision for leaving Pico as running away, I prefer to think of it as a healing time.

This time of solitude is helping me see things clearly, and also to realize the mistakes I made along the way that left me in this unfortunately and sad situation. It's helping me gain confidence in myself and in the process to become a stronger woman. I am starting to set goals for myself and to put order in my life.

My dear Picos, please don't feel like I have forgotten you, I cherish you all in my heart and you will stay there forever. All I ask of you is to keep smiling, respect each other, be kind and generous, and keep spreading the love <333

PHOTOS TAKEN AT: Pandora Magic- Deutsches Na'vi Avatar Rollenspiel, Pandora Magic

BTW; I have the new location in Second Life where I will be spending the next two to three days. This location is called  Fields of Gold.  It is absolutely impressive. I'll be taking alot of pictures for you ;)

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