Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday Writer Needed...

Today was my first day in my new Second Life location. The scenery in Fields of Gold is absolutely divine. I've been enjoying every second of it. Wish you were all here ;)

Anyways, down to business.

You all are aware of how much this blog means to me. I consider it one of my babies :) and as all babies do, my blog also needs alot of love and attention. I have a wonderful team of guest writers but due to their busy lives they haven't been able to post for you lately. To be completely honest with you, I am a bit worry. Now that I am no longer in Pico, I have to rely 100% on my writers for their articles. I want to take this moment though to thank Ten.Ten. for the wonderful article she sent me. I also want to thank Shayna, she has so kindly agreed to write for us once a week, SUPER LOVE YOU BOTH <333

At this time I am looking for a writer to post every Monday about rooms. This writer will be my "Rooms Reporter" for the blog. Please send me your Room/Rooms article with pictures included, and we will pick the writer that submitted the best article to be part  of the  Pico Perfect team by the end of next week. Good luck <333

A few simple guidelines I would like you to follow:

1.Be Positive. This blog is not a tool to bully, harass or say negative things (including curse words) about other Pico players. Many younger  people read the blog and we want to be positive and set a good example.
2.Be thoughtful. When writing, it's not always about you and your friends. Please do not write exclusively  only about you and/or your friends.
Note: When including a Pico's name, please copy and paste their names into your article from their profiles so their name will correctly appear in your post.
3. Be on time. Mondays will be your assigned day.
Note: As the Blog's editor, Sweets* post every day.
4: Be a shutterbug: Great photos can really make your post stand out. Please include several photos that relate to what you've written about.
* Image Size: Width should be 500 pixels
*Cropping: unless your photo relates to game button and interface items, please crop those parts out of your image so that people can focus on looking at your photo captures and their great color.
*Description and Detail: Your articles must include a well detailed description. A word or two, even a single sentence won't be accepted for each photo you include in your article.

NOTE: *You must have your own photo service like PhotoBucket, Flickr, etc.
             *You must know how to take photos and crop them to the right size, 500 pixels
             *You must know how to use blogger. You will be responsible in posting on your own.
             * We are all volunteers, but your full commitment to the blog will be greatly appreciated.

Please send me your "Room" article entrees to picoperfect@gmail.com


  1. i can help if i can do my room

  2. super-love you more!y writing has been off, sending in a new piece, and might have a special someone to help with the room reporter. ;D