Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When you log on to see this...

Written by: Vegemite

Today I logged onto pico. As I was checking my letters I saw something quite misleading.

I saw this letter. From a normal Ameba Pico user who is obviously pretending to be Ameba Pico support, trying to report my pico. Now, I'm going to be as honest as ever. I did not hack anybody at all. Take a look at this letter.

I have also read other blogs regarding this issue with picos saying they also got the same letter, from the same pico. And the pico also said they did not hack anybody.
So who is this Pico exactly?

Nobody knows.

Have any thoughts? Comment! We would love to hear your thoughts about this letter!



  1. OMG I also got that same letter and I never hacked anybody plus I have no enemies

  2. Hi Sweets*! I just send a message to the ameba pico creators! I just send it to yahoo and they replied me! This is what she said

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting Ameba Pico Virtual World Support.

    Your inquiry has been received and we are currently undergoing investigation.

    Proper action will be taken in order to ensure positive game play.

    Please report their Pico name and the inappropriate words that you had heard and
    we will manage it.

    Thank you for addressing this matter and with your help we will make
    Ameba Pico enjoyable for everyone.

    Best Regards,