Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hacker's are hacker's

Have you ever went to an event and they said give me your account so i can put Ag on it well you maybe have expiranced your pico has been hacked alomst every event in pico you go to there will be a hacker or a person starting a problem thats why we should nothack other's because once they fid out who hacked they will delete your account so think before you do something or you will pay the price dont hack because at the end of the day it will hurt yourself i dedicate this to all who has been hacked take a stand and report anyone you know who has hacked a person even if you know them really well.


  1. There are a lot of grammatical errors in this post. ._.

  2. Heyy! I saw a person who said she will give me 1000 ameba gold and she told me to give her my email and password! So I told it to her and then my facebook got hacked! Good thing I have the Secure website that I didn't needed to make another facebook! Ohh I'll never fall for that kind of saying ever again!

  3. Ah sorry Sweets* don't wanna but - in to your answer time but I'm really bored. Hope you don't mind if I answer some of the comments :)

    To Anonymous #1:
    Sorry if there were grammatical errors, even though I don't see any... But no one is this world is really perfect so... mistakes are always made <333

    To Anonymous #2:
    Awww I feel SO bad... Hope all your lost items get recovered. That Secure Website really helped you out huh? Well anyways, stay safe :)

  4. @Gab Laramine

    Your post is really helpful. Especially to all the other picos who think hacking is no big deal. But although you do have grammatical errors.

    Grammatical error 1: Hackers are hackers. Not Hacker's since Hacker's is a possessive type of noun. Since I think you mean 'Hackers' in a plural way?

    Grammatical error 2: Experience*

    Grammatical error 3: ' I ' should be capitalized always if you mean it as a pronoun.

    Grammatical error 4: You lack a lot of periods and commas so the readers will be a bit confused.

    Again, I know you are not perfect. Neither am I. But no one needs to be perfect to write a good article. <3 have a nice day.