Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday Morning Rooms

What? It's Monday in my timezone. :P So anyway, this is going to be my first post as a Monday Room Writer. And I'm very happy that I was accepted since 1. My entry sucks. 2. I forgot about this lol. Let's get back to the point. Here are some awesome rooms you might want to visit.

Blocks are the most helpful room decoration for all the Picos who seek a unique room. With just a little amount you could make a boring room into a kawaii one. It just takes a little inspiration and big effort. And this is what 美芳(meifang) proved to us. Her room was creatively inspired by a mansion. The 2 pillars are what makes this room totally ideal. The purple and red combination mixed with the Frosty color makes a royal but kawaii feeling. 

Tall dark and super manly
He puts his paper in his briefcase and drives away.
To save the world or go to work, they're the same thing to me.

What? I can't help it. (Other than I am a big fan of Taylor Swift.)That song popped into my head right away when I entered αмчтαяd™˘_˘ 's room. And don't forget superwoman! They're both soaring into the pico sky .. not exactly. They're trapped in αмчтαяd™˘_˘ 's room. Maybe to save her when some mean picos come along? We don't know. But this room is worth the visit. (And pink hair rocks, LOL)

♔little bwaby❤ 's room charmed me instantly. And as her room title states, "Biggest Waterfall Ever!". The waterfall is a must-see for all picos. I found out this room when I was searching for Props Parties and I didn't expect a Top 9 on Hot 30 to be making events like this. Probably to earn more favorites? She has done a good job in shaping the waterfall from top to bottom. My favorites list instantly got bigger when I entered her room. ;)

As of today, I could only enter 3 entries. Goodluck to all the other new writers!


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