Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dancing for a Star

Lola090 from the United States of America has the right idea of how to help out all our new Pico friends "Meet The Dinosaur" to earn their star and 300 Gummies. Earlier when I was checking out the event list, I noticed that Lola090's event was really a very special and generous one so immediately I travel to the Stone Age and do my part in this good cause <3

As I arrived to this primitive land, I was glad to see that other kind Picos had answered to her call and also some new Pico members were there in hopes of getting to meet the dinosaur. I was glad when I finally spotted Lola090 trying to direct everyone that was attending her Stone Age Event.

}i{barbie}i{ from the United States of America was already cooperating with her Volcano Dance when I got there. I noticed she was all alone so I decided to join her. She suggested we should start the dance at the same time, she kept counting 1...2...3, but I just couldn't get it right, I'm sorry sweetie :(

Still our efforts were not in vain. O.o°£mØO.o°, who just had started Pico a few minutes before, with our help was one of the lucky people that benefited from this event. I was glad to be there and witness her get the star. She was so glad that right after the big star appeared on top of her had she said, "Yay I got the thing!"

Now why is it that every time I attend an event I feel very exhausted afterwords, could it mean that I am out of shape :O  I really need to get with the program and get my groove back ;)

Til next time, wear a beautiful smile everyday <333

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