Monday, June 13, 2011

Nature's Calling!

    Today I was just randomly visiting pretty rooms from my buddy list or favorite list. Finally, I ended up in my buddy ☆ßяεαηηα 27☆  's  room. I thought I was outside, not on the computer as I walked in. The entrance was in between two bright lamps, like a portal. In front of me stood a flowing waterfall, river, and a bridge over the water. In the middle of the bridge, a bright green clover was positioned. I sat on the four-leafed clover and started to relax...
After walking across the bridge to the other side of the river, I noticed a HUGE bunny holding a HUGE carrot. And, you should know, I LOVE bunnies ( I have a bunny in real life). So, I decided to nibble on the carrot with the bunny, even though I only ate a bit. According to the owner's  ( ☆ßяεαηηα 27☆ ) room description, the bunny's name was "Bob" and he was saying "fav plz". 
Right next to Bob was another HUGE thing -  a flower. Bob's carrot must have grown from one of these plants.
I used the super - sized leaves to climb up to the top of the flower. The smell coming from it was so beautiful, I couldn't control myself. I was drawn to the flower like a magnet. It's yellow color blinded me but the brown  middle helped me see through. If you happen to visit ☆ßяεαηηα 27☆ 's house don't be surprised if a strange, but wonderful aroma fills your nose.

From one of the leaves of the plant, I saw clouds floating near it. I jumped on each cloud, amazed by how soft and fluffy it felt. Then, I noticed the clouds led up to an even bigger one. But, on this one there were desks and chairs, amazingly decorated, almost like a living room. There were no lamps, for the sun in the sky gave out natural light. While on the clouds, I felt like an angel watching over all the Picos giving me good reports (hopefully). 

I was about to leave, when suddenly the waterfall SPOKE. No, I wasn't crazy, a sound came out of the waterfall. The words I could make out over the rushing water were "Hi Stranger...!"  After hearing that noise, I almost fell. Luckily I didn't because a girl named Cookie Monstеr came out from a secret passage under the waterfall. Cookie Monstеr was my buddy, and she showed me how to go in and out of the secret room. Thank you Cookie for letting everyone know the secret! 
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Gαв ℓαяαмιє and I'm in the ℓαяαмιє family. I'm a Monday Room Writer for Pico Perfect since I won the contest. If you have any room suggestions for me please message my Pico and your room might be here next! I love you all! <3
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

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