Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wonderful people can be found just about anywhere in Pico and yesterday, Japanese Park #3 was the place to be. I noticed in the distance someone feeding hungry Picos and immediately went to see if I could get a share of this generous act of kindness. Not only did ★MeiRindRa★continue feeding the people around her, but fortunate for me, as soon as she saw me, she started placing food in front of me and asked if I wanted more.

Sharing with others what we been blessed with, is always something we should all do. I am talking about in real life. Sharing your food by inviting a friend or a neighbor to come over for dinner. Baking a batch of cookies and taking them to a nursing home to cheer up all the sweet grandpas and grandmas there that are always glad to see a visitor, or even breaking your crayons in half to share them with the friends that have none, will definitely put a HUGE smile in your heart and theirs, but especially in God's.

After spending some time in the park and before logging off I went to give ★MeiRindRa★ a ring and discovered she has a a very cute room. You will find a small house in one corner with a field of strawberries in full bloom right in the front of it. The entrance to her small house is decorated with a rose-covered pathway and a log picnic table together with a swing perfectly complete the area.

★MeiRindRa★ thank you so much for the food ;)

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