Wednesday, June 8, 2011

False Idols

It is very easy to become inspired by the many wonderful Picos we meet in our daily Pico life. These "inspiring" people can have a very big influence on us. That is why we must be very careful who we decide to look up to and see as a role model for our Pico life. I personally worry for our very young Picos that can be easily influenced by the wrong people.

Please remember that not every Pico that seems nice or has nice things can truly be an inspiration for you. Many times the people we meet here are not really who we think they are. We can easily place our admiration and even our love on the wrong person. Also, keep in mind that their Pico possessions do not make them EXCEPTIONAL.

Honestly stop and think, how can their rooms filled with tons of great stuff or the fancy clothes they wear and even the way their Pico looks, possibly make this person a hero or an inspiration?

Now for some reason, every person that starts a Pico blog, suddenly becomes popular and famous. It doesn't matter if this person is a good writer or not, or if their blog is providing good quality articles, still people somehow start seeing us as celebrities. My dear Picos, trust me, we are not more special then you are. We are as normal as anyone else. Just because we own or write in a blog doesn't qualify us as celebrities.

Now, I have seen a few times "certain" Picos, that have appeared in some blogs for doing honestly nothing special and still, they start seeing themselves as celebrities and even go on to ask to be posted in other blogs and self-advertising as celebrities. These are the self-centered that really have nothing real and productive to offer but false stardom.

Others fall for "names"of who they believe to be EXCEPTIONAL Picos and place their admiration on them without taking to account that just a "Pico ID" alone doesn't create a role model that you can look up to.

Finally, I have noticed alot of families, clans, groups and so on that have been forming where their members become "famous" just for being part of these groups, especially the "main leaders". And I have noticed how many Picos look up to these people and beg to be accepted into these groups. They see them as IDOLS and being part of the group becomes an obsession without stopping to think if these groups stand for something positive.

Don't get me wrong, there are many good and honest people in Pico that you can look up to. Someone that is INSPIRING should be someone that doesn't think of themselves as better than you. It is someone that cares and encourages and sees the best in you. It is someone that is positive and tries to make a difference for the well being of others. It is someone that represent MODESTY, RESPECT and KINDNESS and especially acceptance of others without being judgemental.

Til next time remember that I super love you all <333


  1. It's funny that I was just recounting today about how in my childhood I admired such people.

    In fact, that train of thought was bringing me to the idea of starting some sort of blog or group in Pico since I never had the organization to do so before. But reading this really made me realise that I was only trying to make myself feel "famous". And gosh, now I feel bad.

    You've written a very mature insightful post. Thank you. :3

  2. hi sweets* u are a great inspiration and u inspire me alot! Ur blog inspired me to start my own blog! Pls check it out! ty for being my gr8est inspiration! :D

  3. Dear "Anonymous",

    I encourage you to go on with your plans to start your blog or group. There is nothing wrong with that and it could be a one of the most wonderful things just like it was for me. The only thing I recommend is, please stay grounded and treat everyone equally and with respect.

    I know several families/groups in Pico that are very nice. They are caring and loving and they are always willing to help each other and even others outside their group. This is the kind of families/ groups that I admire and support 100%.

    There is nothing wrong in becoming "famous" in Pico. Just remember that becoming famous requires responsibility in being a good example for others, Good Luck To You My Dear Pico ;)

    Hello Lolita :D

    Thank you for such sweet comment. I am very happy that you have started your own blog. Give it all your heart and love and you'll do great. SUPER LOVE YOU <333

  4. What about all the people who read this blog and look up to you, Sweets*? Are they also following a "false idol" as you are talking about?