Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a Welcome! :)

Yesterday was the day of my return to Pico. I was kind of nervous and didn't know what to expect, but thanks to many of my wonderful Picos, it was a sweet and wonderful welcome that I found.

I got to see many of your messages on my board and I got to say it, I was extremely touched by all the love that it brought tears of joy to my eyes. As soon as my dear Picos found out I was online, my room started filling up and bringing joy to my pets and I. Echiku was of course one of my dear friends that came to see me right away.Coming back was so great that right away I made a new friend, her name is ll Eναηѕ and she speaks Spanish. 

Now, my buddy  Ł£χι~D£mØη went out of her way to make me feel welcome. She immediately started creating events in her room to get me props. I spent most of my time with my good friend :) Thank You
Ł£χι~D£mØη, Super Love You!

Adorable Pingüi had been so eager to see me, that she had left bright red balloons in my room for me :) She too paid me a great visit as soon as she found out I was in my room.

(19:36) Sweets*: hello
(19:36) Pingüi: omg
(19:36) Pingüi: hi sweets!
(19:36) Pingüi: :D
(19:36) Pingüi: OMG I FEEL SO LUCKY
(19:37) Pingüi: you are reaaaaaaaaaaaaal
(19:37) Pingüi: *-*
(19:37) Sweets*: :)
(19:37) Sweets*: how r u?
(19:37) Pingüi: fine :D
(19:37) Pingüi: how are you?
(19:37) Sweets*: :)
(19:37) Sweets*: I am doing wonderful
(19:37) Sweets*: TY
(19:37) Pingüi: :D
(19:37) Pingüi: is this real life,or is this just fantasy? sweets in person?
(19:38) Sweets*: awww
(19:38) Sweets*: TY
(19:38) Pingüi: :D
(19:38) Pingüi: i read your blog everyday! :D
(19:38) Sweets*: Ty
(19:41) Pingüi: i´m going to die of happiness *-*
(19:41) Sweets*: lol
(19:41) Pingüi: xD
(19:42) Sweets*: its good to be back
(19:42) Sweets*: :)
(19:42) Pingüi: :)
(19:42) Pingüi: awwww
(19:42) Sweets*: i missed my pets
(19:42) Pingüi: seems like they missed you too
(19:46) Pingüi: a red candle :3
(19:46) Sweets*: aww ty
(19:48) Pingüi: You ae my inspiration <3 I want to start a blog soon
(19:49) Pingüi: Sweets* is very sweet
(19:49) Pingüi: :P
(19:50) Sweets*: :)

I want to thank you for all your love and understanding. I missed you very much and it is great to be back. I want to sincerely apologize to you for letting a personal matter affect this beautiful part of my life. It should had never happened and I should had never left. This is a new time, and I'll make it the best yet <333

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