Friday, June 3, 2011

When it all comes to an end

Written By: Vegemite

I have said that I was quitting pico several times before, but I never did actually quit.
I haven't been on Pico for a while, as my buddies might know. Life has been extremely important since the last few days, and this has affected me.
I am quitting Pico, and this time, it needs to be done. I might visit at the minimum level of once a month, but that might not even happen.

Pico has been a huge and long journey for me. Now I have to say good-bye. Don't say it's not hard, because it is very hard. I met such amazing Picos on Pico, and now, it's all over. I'll miss you all  SUPER much.  You will all remain kept safe in my heart, close to me. Whenever I'm upset, or I'm missing someone, I'll think about you. <3
Now here are some pictures for all of you to see
That are special to me
They may be new
But they just for you!

Pictured: (from left) Vegemite, Sєxqυιѕιтє, ❈ℬŁonĐy™❊ É

Pictured above: (from left) Vegemite, daphné ,         

Pictured: (from left) L'Heure Bleue, Vegemite

 Those are all special Pico friends of mine, that I'll miss dearly. I'll also miss all my fans, friends and Pico dearly, as well. Now it's time to say good-bye, and now I can say, WHAT A JOURNEY :)


  1. I've never gotten to know you that well Vegemite, but I know your a wonderful writer. PicoPerfect will super miss you! Hope everything will be better!

  2. wow. seriously? "quitting" pico is like over reacting. its just a game to have fun. u cant really quit it.

  3. @Anon: T_T She meant it as she wont be playing anymore. She must have used to play it everyday and now she won't.