Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Ah hello ladies, gentlemen, and monsters :D  It's Gαв ℓαяαмιє again! You might be wondering... "Why is this girl writing today I thought she only writes on Monday" Well.... THANKS TO SWEETS* ( <33 YOU ) I'll be writing every Monday (about rooms) and every Saturday about anything I want. Well since I just started writing on Pico Perfect I think you should know some stuff about me...


What is your name in real life?  Gabriela S. Krants
What languages do you speak? English (I was born in America) , Russian (Everyone in my family except me and my cousins were born in Russia) , learning Japanese, learning Spanish, learning French, and learning Italian
How old are you? Umm... Young (10)
When is your birthday? October 7,2000
Where do you come from / live?  New York City , USA  where opportunities are around the corner
What is your favorite subject(s) in school? ALL subjects 100% but maybe drama/acting, math, and writing are 130%
                                 Ameba Pico

What is your Ameba Pico username? Gαв ℓαяαмιє
What clan/family are you in? ℓαяαмιє family/clan
How did you discover Ameba Pico? One day this tiny TAB popped up and it was called Ameba Pico
Isn't the game called Ameba Pico Virtual World? Not in the old days...
Oh... Then when did you begin Ameba Pico? About a week or two after it was made
WOW! How much favorites did you earn in the beginning? There were no favorites, so no Hot 30
What do you miss about the beginning of Ameba Pico? Probably not having gold... Sometimes I think people like me for my gold and nothing else...
If you could change Ameba Pico in any way what would it be? Better protection... In my opinion, it takes Ameba too long to ban hackers,bullies, e.t.c
What is one thing about Ameba Pico you don't enjoy? Cyber bullies and hackers... I think that's a repeat of the first question.
What is one thing about Ameba Pico you do enjoy? Everything. Okay I'll name one thing... All the kind-hearted Picos who roam around Pico with no care in the world what others think of them <3
What is your favorite furniture item and clothing item? I LOVE Everything I own
What is your Pico Style? All my clothing and decor and everything is all part of each style... Even ask Sweets* , one moment I'm in a little flower dress, and the next I'm in a Gothic outfit.

                                                       Pico Perfect 

How did you discover Pico Perfect? My friend in real life and Ameba Pico named Cυρ¢αкє Sweetz told me "Hey check this blog out : I love it" (not her exact words)
How are you a writer on Pico Perfect? I entered a Monday Room Writers contest and I won. And a few days later, Sweets* and I met up in my room. She said I did a very good job on my first article and that I was going to stay. Then, I asked if I could write on another day. She said I could write every Saturday about random things... THANK YOU <3
What do you think of Pico Perfect? WOW that's NOT a tuffy. I think SO much about it. Pico Perfect is like community service. Everyone helps out with making this terrific. So much more to say but, that would take up this whole interview...
Do you have any dreams about Pico Perfect? Yes. My dream is too become a guest writer just like Romeo. I would love to write every Monday about rooms (which I always do) and now the dream part  - If I work hard enough I wish to be promoted to writing posts on any random day ( any time available) about any random subject. Just like Sweets* and Romeo, just maybe not EVERY day...

                                               Well This Interview Has Come To An End My Friends. If any other questions, please message me <33   Also, questions gotten from my messages... Lot of you messaged me some questions and here are all of them. Well not all, some of these I came up with teehee. <3

                                                   Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

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